Hi, I am Eva and I support international, high achieving women who are working hard to climb the career ladder or grow their thriving small business.

They seek to embody their highest potential in their life and career through mind-body-soul alignment.

I facilitate that alignment by inviting them to develop their intuition and body awareness. Connect with their inner compass, enhance their sensitivity and emotional intelligence and through guidance in spiritual practice and awareness.

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The Feminine Soul Path,
A Transformational Retreat for Women Who Lead
Coming this fall: a unique four day experience in an idyllic location to find the clarity and confidence to lead the life you want

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31st October - 3rd November 2019, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

The Feminine Soul Path is an immersive experience for a select circle of eight women who hold leadership positions in the corporate world, business and entrepreneurship. Over four days and three nights in the lush green Tramuntana Mountains of Palma de Mallorca, you will be led through a transformational journey that combines rest and relaxation with guided self-reflection, deep healing, and self-awareness.

Is this you?

I feel a huge pressure to perform at work.
I am always striving for something more, or to be somewhere further down the path.
I am successful at my work, but I do not know what my purpose is in my life.
I can read people’s moods en emotions easily.
I feel I am working hard but I lack fulfillment and satisfaction.
I feel constantly in a rush lately and feel I can hardly relax.
I feel it is a challenge to create balance in my life.
I find it hard to say NO.
I like to do things in a perfect way.
I know I am intuitive but I lost this talent a while ago.
I feel out of touch with my body and feelings.
My life is focussed around my responsibilities and I forgot what I enjoyed.

If you have answered YES to more than three statements,know that you can transform what you are experiencing. Book your chemistry call today to find out how. It is a FREE orientational online chat to understand how my guidance can benefit you.

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About me

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I am Eva, founder of Eva Authentic Living and I am specialized in authentic female leadership, burn-out and stress recovery and prevention and authentic career path design.

My mission is to facilitate a generation of brave women who have the courage to reinvent the traditional examples of leadership. To create a different paradigm, more inclusive, authentic and emotionally intelligent which changes our current business culture and society for the better.

What makes my approach unique?

I use a holistic, integrative philosophy aligning mind, body and soul. I co-create with my clients valuable, sustainable solutions for their challenges. I offer always bespoke and customized work as I believe that every woman is unique and needs an aligned approach to address her challenges in an honest way.


Eva Authentic Living is a boutique holistic coaching practice for internationally minded women seeking to fulfill their female leadership potential in their life and work through mind-body soul alignment. Based in Amsterdam, operating throughout Europe and beyond.