Walk your heart-centered, soulful path

My work is about guiding women tO Align their mind, body and soul to be able to create a soul-centered life and career with ease, purpose and contribution

I help sensitive, intuitive, internationally orientated and highly educated women  like you that wish to create a life and career with fulfillment, joy and ease. I work on a holistic level integrating your mind, body and soul.  As in my experience that is the only way to create a profound transformation to embody your soulful and authentic self and act upon that in the world.

I offer different services, all in the context of enabling women to become authentic and creative soulful actors in their lives. I offer 1 on 1 coaching, workshops and trainings, or I speak on events. When a woman starts believing in herself and acts from vulnerability and boldness both at the same time she creates connectivity, trust, ease and fulfillment in her life and work.

I am Eva, the face behind Eva Authentic Living and I am all about authenticity, soulfulness, clarity and results. I love spirituality but in a grounded, earthy way. I believe we are all spiritual beings in a human body with a purpose on earth.

In this exciting, changing era I offer tools, knowledge and experience where women are reinventing themselves to really empower themselves from within. We are currently changing our narrative by receiving the female energy that is taking more and more shape. 

The female energy flows in bodies that are open to receive those the qualities of the female wisdom and energy. I invite sensitive, intuitive women to believe in themselves, to help them ground by reconnecting with their home base. We women all have an innate wisdom and intuitive ability. We just need to remember that again and create time to listen to our bodies and intuition to create lives that resonate with us. We need to create a world where we can fit in with our qualities, knowledge and contribution.

If you would like to know more about me and why I am doing what I am doing click here.


If you like to have a chat with me to see how I could help you walk your soul-centered life and career, click here to schedule your introductory call. In case you would like to read some interesting articles, go to my blog and I hope you get the information and inspiration you are looking for.

Special Programs for Intuitive, soulful Women

Rebalancing Bodywork Therapy

Rebalancing® Bodywork Therapy is an approach to restore the connection with your inner world and  your feelings.  The body is used as a doorway to the psyche and it brings awareness on your authentic, vital potential. Read more >>

Soul-centered Career Coaching

This coaching program enables you to design a soul-centred career true to your heart.  It helps you to align with your soul, to shine in your career. And focusses on trans-formation to create what you wish in your professional life. Read more >>

Burn-Out & Stress Coaching

This coaching program offers awareness and tools to know how to recover from burn-out and to be able to deal with your stress symptoms to feel vital and energetic again improving your wellbeing. Read more >>

What CLients Say about me

“How I peacefully refuse a job offer I was not only interested in but also qualified for.

Don’t get me wrong, I have never been by far the bragging type. Just writing the title of this review took me months of work with Eva.

I heard of Eva while going through a burn-out. Three years of being a single, more than full time working, living abroad with no family and being a mother of two had led my body in one big strike (it’s a french body after all): I stopped sleeping at ALL, went from anxiety crisis to another sleepless night, was ashamed of myself and felt like a total failure to my kids, my work, and mostly myself.

And then I met Eva. Eva told me that maybe it was darn time to listen to what my body had to say. During a Soul-centered leadership program, Eva taught me and guided me into listening what my body had to say. Eva helped me realizing who I really was, what my core qualities were, and yeah, my defaults too.

Eva helped me draw the pictures of my beliefs, a picture of myself and be at peace with it. Sometimes it takes a very special person to abandon yourself, to open the jars of your fears and pains you kept closed for so many years. Eva’s warm and empathetic presence made her my person to do that work.

And I dropped those heavy suitcases of fears and pain and for the first time in my life if could look in a mirror and say to myself: you are doing a good job girl, no need to be superwoman anymore.

Thanks to the work done with Eva, today I refused a job, one job I was very flattered to have been asked for. But today, I have listened to the limits of my body, I have listen to what my body had to say and took it seriously. And I don’t think less of myself for refusing the job.

That may sound a little bit like an over statement but to me it is really what it was: the work with Eva has rocked my life upside down, it gave me the peace and confidence I could never find on my own the last 20 years. And that is one big present to be given by someone.”
— Marianne

“I came to Eva for Rebalancing bodywork, convinced I was on the verge of a burnout. Seven months into being a mother for a gorgeous but sleepless baby, running my own business and dealing with a rocky relationship, I was crying most days and feeling like the world was going to end quite regularly!

After we talked it became clear, thank goodness, I wasn’t at burnout - yet- but was definitely getting into the chronic stress space. A short breathing exercise later and I already felt a little better and knew that I had absolutely made the right choice.

By the time Eva had finished with the Rebalancing bodywork - wow, my mind was blown. In such short time I completely got back in touch with my body, understood how I was feeling and why, it was amazing. I’m still processing everything I learnt about myself!

I left feeling lighter, brighter and so much stronger. In fact when I went to my physiotherapy session straight after, my therapist kept on remarking on how much stronger I seemed (this was despite me not doing any of the exercises I was supposed to in between appointments).
I know that this was due to the connection I had been able to make between my mind and body, and was all thanks to Eva.

Highly recommend for anyone who feels lost or stressed out. I can’t wait to return!”
— Robyn

“I have always been a very strong, confident, independent, determined and generally a good soul. I became a Buddhist in 2012 after some personal challenges, and it gave me some solace but not entirely. My foundation was shaken up.

To add to it, in parallel, I had also quit my job of 15 years in Sr. Mgmt the moment I knew I was pregnant to give it a 100%. I was down and just trying to put my hands around all of this, let alone trying to find myself. There was a lot of soul searching, introspection and many deep conversations with myself. I was status quo and getting no where. This is not me!!

I learned about Eva Visser Plaza and approached her. During a two month soul-centered leadership program I learned to give closure to things that did not serve me anymore and have a toolbox now that I searched for and above all the answers came from within me. Thanks to Eva and her approach, I am on my way back… I welcome you to just have a conversation with her.
— Shilpa

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