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Design Your Soul-Centered Career: Cultivate your Soul Talents & Qualities

  • Eva Authentic Living Hillegomstraat Amsterdam, NH, 1058 Netherlands (map)

Would you like to discover your soul qualities and talents? Do you feel that you cannot identify them?

This workshop will help you to identify and own your unique talents  so that you can take the next step with more awareness in how to enhance and express those talents in designing  your heart-centered career.

Our soul qualities are our gifts and differentiate us in a natural way from others. We are all born with a set of unique talents and qualities. Most of us are not aware of them because they are so natural to us. Others have transformed them and are hidden and locked by beliefs that hold us back to make them visible.

At this workshop we will use a method where you will re-discover your qualities, but also your pitfalls, allergies and your challenges. Our unique qualities have a deep impact on our behavioral patterns and once you become aware of them you can unlock your authentic potential to design your heart-centered career.  

Who is this workshop for?

  • Those who would like to enhance their qualities and to get an understanding and insight in how to develop them in such a way to take action to allow themselves to create a career that feels right and to use their authentic qualities and skills

During this workshop you

  • Become aware on your authentic soul qualities
  • The dynamics that qualities have in designing your meaningful career
  • Awareness on beliefs that hold you back to reveal your authentic qualities and potential
  • Get you in touch with THE essential message behind your beliefs
  • Figure out the action that you need to take from that message
  • Discover where you should be headed to walk your meaningful path unfolding your qualities

NOTE: This is not a workshop where you get theoretical information, the emphasis is to train you in the skills to develop your qualities in connection with others.  And I will not provide you with the answers but I facilitate the process of finding your own answers

My main purpose with this workshop is encouraging you to allow yourself to be true to yourself, to give yourself permission to become aware of your qualities on a deeper level and how to enhance them to design your meaningful career. them.

I use a body-oriented way of self-reflection so that you are able to connect with your inner voice and intuition to go a level deeper than the rational one. Besides that I use a practical and clear structure to give you hands-on tools to know which are the ingredients to design your meaningful career. I will invite you to work in a small group of participants in an interactive way, focusing together on the steps to discover a career path that is true and right for you.


Homework: The training starts when you have registered and paid the fee. You will start working from home where you will receive the workbook to work on your soul qualities. Once you have that finished, send the input to me and I will have a look at it before the workshop so that we can explore it deeper during the training to get a well-worked output.

Place: The workshop is being held at the practice of Eva Authentic Living, a nice place where you can really focus on yourself, to get inspired and work on your personal development.

Language: English

Participants: Limited Spaces: 4 participants max. The approach is that every participant receives individual coaching AND benefits from group learning.

Investment: 147.-
Earlybird price: 97,- if you sign up before the 15th of February 2016

Experiences from clients

I am very grateful to have attended the Discover your soul talent workshop. In a small group we were able understand and practice the techniques which helped me navigate through mental obstacles and discover the very essence of who I am and who I can become. This workshop touches your heart, personal and private life and enables you to look inside and feel the difference and dynamics of your soul qualities. Eva creates a very open, trustful and safe environment; listening and shaping the workshop to participants needs.
— Irena

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