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Women's Wellness Retreat "Surrender"

  • THe green living lab 3005 Gustav Mahlerlaan Amsterdam, NH, 1081 LB Netherlands (map)

This  wellness event is being organized by Shay Klomp Bueters from Contagiously healthy for the second time. It is a true wellness event for women to spend an afternoon solely dedicated to YOU, where you can truly "surrender." 

I will be one of the amazing list of speakers that will inspire you to be the best version you can be. This year, our theme is surrendering, a topic that is making more appearances in health wellness circles.

What exactly does it mean to surrender? 

Many great thinkers, ancient and modern, have stated that being able to surrender is the key to a peaceful existence, but how to achieve it when we are juggling work, family, hobbies? 

How can we implement the idea of surrendering in our daily lives?  The Women´s Wellness Retreat is YOUR moment to pause, step back, be still and surrender.  

The line up

Mariette Reineke - Surrendering to your body

How do you live from moment to moment? We are inclined to say that all is going well with us, but is it really? For what is our quality of life and are we really in touch with our body and what it needs? Often we are so busy and constantly in the doing, that we forget about the most important thing: ourselves. Everything and everyone come first, but where are we in all of this? We live life, with everything that comes with it, but we all know that feeling of missing something very well. What is it, that we are we missing? Mariette will share with us how to surrender more to our body and the wisdom that is carries.

Eva Visser Plaza - Connecting with your Feminine Strength

Eva will show participants how to connect with the area from where all of our feminine strength flows: our pelvic zone, our very basis for being and our confidence. When we connect with it, our confidence flows and we develop a natural trust in ourselves that is needed to create a soul-centered life. Eva will guide us through a process to open this area from any blockages.

Juel McNeilly - Surrender to feeling ALIVE – Get out of your head and into your juicy feminine body!  

We live in a ‘mental’ world – where it’s easy to get stuck in your head. Remember that scrumptious feeling of losing yourself in a song? To let go of thinking about the steps, and just Move?! Knowing that if it feels right, it’ll stick to your soul. Dance is a fantastic way to bring your focus inside, tap your sensual juiciness, and set yourself free in effortless fluidity. Juel invites you to awaken your sensuality, release the feminine energy inside of you, and experience your exuberance… In this session, you will explore your entire being through luscious mindful movement and stillness – a dancing meditation. It’s not about being a dancer; it’s about being YOU. Stop thinking, and join for this flowing meditation that will deepen your connection to your true feminine nature & superpower! Show up and Dance it Out! For more info:

Sara Bobkoff - Surrendering to the Journey

Sara will guide participants through a step-by-step process of creating our very own success stories by looking to the past, while delving into our own past and present narratives, all the while identifying beliefs that sabotage our journey. Participants will designing their very own, authentic and personal vision of their future while trusting the challenges, messages and stepping stones we face.

Marjorie Lumet - Surrendering to the Experience

Marjorie will talk about the importance of allowing ourselves to live our lives exactly as we are, surrendering to whatever our experience of the moment is, whether pleasant or not, and taking time to be one with it, see it clearly, extract insights and understand it rather than wanting it to be different or resisting, which only perpetuates more stress and suffering. 

Shay Klomp Bueters - Sweet Surrender

Have you ever felt the compelling urge to surrender to your cravings, only to eat the entire tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream? Or possibly you made a bunch of brownies, and thought you would have just one, but instead at half the pan? Shay will share some helpful tips on how to surrender to our body's yearning and tap into what is really looking for, instead of falling for the quick fixes that sugar provides. She will share some shocking sugar fats, along with educating us on how sugar affects our bodies and minds, why we crave, what we crave and what we can eat which is actually both yummy and healthy when we do crave sweets.

Leticia Vasquez - Surrendering to love

As a relationship coach for women only, Leticia's goal is to help you find you again: the beautiful woman that you are...and make it visible to your dates, husband or partner, and the world in general. This is who you were meant to be...and you know it! Leticia will give you some tips on how to be that diamond.

A welcome tea and coffee, as well as scrumptious healthy treats by Lady Fruitcake and Ginger/Carrot shots offered by  Dr. Blend from 11:30 - 12 noon

Early Bird EUR 59.95 when purchased by 21 April. 

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Earlier Event: March 14
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