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Course Embody Your Soul-centered Career Path

  • Eva Authentic Living 12 Hillegomstraat Amsterdam, NH, 1058 LS Netherlands (map)

Do you feel that your qualities, talents and skills are not aligned with your current job or work environment?

You come home from work feeling drained, demotivated or stressed?

You wish that you would know how to align what your minds knows with what your heart wishes, at work?

Or you would like to be able to create ease, flow and fulfillment at work?

This course will help you to

  • Create a personal soul-centered career framework that is in alignment with your mind, heart and soul
  • Become aware of your authentic contribution and value and translate that to your ideal work environment creating a nourishing and vital career path
  • Start taking serious your intuition, sensitivity and creativity, as these help you create alignment, ease, flow and joy in your work.

Who is this course for?

  • Sensitive and intuitive female professionals who have the courage to step out of the standard model of working on a “secure” career that does not fulfill anymore.
  • Professional women that are thinking of pursuing a different career path but do not know where to start.
  • Women who have gone back to their workplace after maternity leave and feel that their work is not aligned with their heart and soul and are ready to open up to explore a nourishing career.
  • Professional women that are feeling stressed or drained from juggling all the balls in the air regarding their work and family life and feel that they would like to create a life and career according to their values and mission.

 During this course you

  • Will go on a journey where we start to align your mind with your body and soul. You can expect to shake, dance, meditate and do self-inquiry. We will focus on that first to be able to receive your inner wisdom to answer the following crucial question to be able to design your soulful career path:

-What is your soulful mission, vision and values?
-What is nourishing and vitalizing you in your life
-What are your soul qualities and skills
-How can you learn to surf with my fears and create courage and self-confidence to be able to pursue a career where you feel aligned with you heart and soul
-What is you ideal nourishing working situation and conditions

When we have those answers, then we can become practical and we use our mind to:

  • Distill from those questions your authentic professional nourishing and fulfilling contribution
  • Create a personalized soul-centered path for the short and long term with steps
  • Set up a strategy and action plan to design your vital, soul-centered career path with the different practical possibilities to pursue a fulfilling career path.
  • Practicalities

  • Dates: Tuesday 12th of September, 19th of September, 26th of September, 3rd of October, 10th of October, 17th of October 31st of October.
  • Place: The course will be held at the practice of Eva Authentic Living, Hillegomstraat 12-14 (behind the Hoofddorplein in Amsterdam)
  • Language: English
  • Participants: Limited Spaces: 10 participants max. This is to ensure that all attendees get full attention and can practice the exercises thoroughly.
  • Investment:  997,- Incl. BTW 

For this investment you receive

  • A 15 minute individual online intake call to see if you are a fit tot his program and define your goals for this program
  • 7 learning modules
  • Exercises to align your mind with your heart and soul that we will do during the face to face sessions: active meditations, dance, self-inquiry, body flow, body grounding
  • Tools to be able to align your mind with your body at home through video and audio tutorials
  • Group coaching and personal guidance on the above mentioned topics

After this soul-centered career coaching course, you can expect to

  • Having clarity on your soul-centered career path that supports your life where you do what gives your energy and feel motivated

  • Having a strategy and action plan that helps you create your soulful career path

  • Be aware about your strengths, values, drivers, qualities and knowledge areas that nourish you at work

  • Being able to set boundaries and say NO to options that do not resonate with you

  • Take bolder action to reach the right people to create the right career opportunities

  • Start to work on a career that supports you financially AND emotionally

  • Feel confident and have the bold courage to create a career that is aligned with your mind, heart and soul

  • Feel less dependent on the approval of others — at work & in your personal life

  • Deal with the criticism that comes with creating your unique authentic career path

  • Understand how to wisely surf with the fears that arise when we create an aligned career

  • Being able to enhance your intuition and sensitivity in creating your soulful career path

What participants have experienced during the course

"When I did the programme, I was actually not unhappy, suffering a burn-out or in crisis, but something just seemed to be... missing. Was I living my life as fully as I could? Was I using my gifts and talents? Was I even aware what they were? You don't have to be in crisis mode to admit that you could use a little inner tune-up. For me, this niggling feeling of not living up to my potential was what drove me to seek and find a women-centred workshop where I could really ask myself what I wanted, what I was truly good at and how I wanted my life to look. It's something everyone can benefit from whether stuck and unhappy or just wondering, "is this it?". After making some helpful discoveries about myself, I also ended rediscovering an old dream I had buried because of crippling self-doubt and insecurity. I am now working serenely towards that dream with no pressure and no unrealistic expectations." 

Gihan Hassanein, Communications Consultant

"Eva's talents are many, but if I had to chose, I'd say kindness, joy and listening are her main qualities. I came into her practice wanting to quit my job, not really knowing what to do with my life, looking for a purpose.

During the programme, something had shifted inside of me: through her process, Eva helped me look into things from a completely different perspective, one that I didn't even know existed. I feel lighter and more secure with my choices. Thank you Eva!" 

Nathalie Hobeica, Head of External Relations

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