Authentic Female Leadership

I believe that true authentic leadership comes from within. It comes from the strength of purposeful vulnerability when you step courageously into what is possible for you. It empowers a solution driven, growth mindset and enables you to release from any fear and beliefs that are holding you back and put you in a place of survival instead of authenticity.

My Aligned female leadership Coaching approach

This program focusses on how you can successfully manage the tension between external expectations and the demands of inner life. 

Challenge for women to create a different approach in leading in a business environment. 
sacrificing inner driving forces to focus on external demands

Become an aligned female leader coaching Program

During this program,  you will learn  to connect with yourself on a deeper level and discover the gifts your soul has to offer. You will learn to put your soul on the steering wheel that will guide you to create your fulfilling, heart-centered career.

This program is for:

  • Introvert, sensitive, intuitive and creative femployees or fempreneurs that have great jobs but feel that something is missing in their career and wish to innovate themselves working in a different way without needing to change their jobs.

  • Women that had their first, second or third child and their work does not make sense anymore and wish to align their professional activities with their heart and soul.

  • Young creative and intuitive women in their early thirties that have worked for several years but feel dissapointed with the workplace and wish to create something different, something that aligns more with their truth.

This program is not for:

  • Women that are rationally orientated, very attached to their minds and a male way of doing things and not ready to open themselves up to connect with their true self.

  • Women that feel that want to change something in themselves but not fully commit to that.

  • Women that want quick fixes and are in a hurry to change their career.

These are the topics we work on:

  • Being able to manage your feelings to be able to react from a calm place

  • Exploring your female qualities and develop them to enhance them in your life and career

  • Being able to surf with your fears to be able to feel trust and confidence

  • Transform limiting beliefs into supporting beliefs

  • Defining your authentic professional contribution

  • Defining your favorite working situation and conditions

  • Based on the above outcome set up a strategy and action plan to design your vital, soul-centered career path with the different practical possibilities to pursue your authentic career and embrace your value

How does that work in practice? You receive:

  • 8 coaching session of 90 minutes at my practice in Amsterdam-Zuid

  • The workbook "Aligned Female Leadership" with all the exercises.

  • Coaching and guidance on the above mentioned topics

  • Online guidance in-between the sessio

What my clients say about their

The coaching sessions with Eva were an eye opener to understand the connection and kindness we need to have to nurture body, mind and soul. This helped me remind myself of the core values that guide my path and unveil the authenticity that lies within myself to lead my life and my career. I feel really grateful to see myself taking the step to be present.

insert right name Valerie

Nathalie Hobeica.jpg

Eva's talents are many, but if I had to chose, I'd say kindness, joy and listening are her main qualities. I came into her practice wanting to quit my job, not really knowing what to do with my life, looking for a purpose.

During the summer course, something had shifted inside of me: through her process, Eva helped me look into things from a completely different perspective, one that I didn't even know existed. I feel lighter and more secure with my choices. Thank you Eva!

Nathalie Hobeica, Head of External Relations at Family for Every Child, followed the Summer Course Design your Soul-centered Career

When I did the soul-centred career workshop, I was actually not unhappy, suffering a burn-out or in crisis, but something just seemed to be... missing. Was I living my life as fully as I could? Was I using my gifts and talents? Was I even aware what they were? You don't have to be in crisis mode to admit that you could use a little inner tune-up. For me, this niggling feeling of not living up to my potential was what drove me to seek and find a women-centred workshop where I could really ask myself what I wanted, what I was truly good at and how I wanted my life to look. It's something everyone can benefit from whether stuck and unhappy or just wondering, "is this it?". After making some helpful discoveries about myself, I also ended rediscovering an old dream I had buried because of crippling self-doubt and insecurity. I am now working serenely towards that dream with no pressure and no unrealistic expectations.

Gihan Hassanein, Independant Communications consultant, followed the Summer Course Design your Soul-centered Career