Authentic leadership 

Do you feel that Do you feel that you have your head in it, but your heart and soul are missing? You feel that you have these big ideas but you have no idea how to manifest them in designing your heart-centered career path?

Everybody has a specific Authentic mission

To create a soul-centered career it is important to know who you are and what you desire. When you are not aware of it and you do not do work with what is aligned with your soul, you might miss fulfillment, joy and ease. You feel that you not fulfill your gifts and mission and you miss a clear, inspiring direction in your career.

Because you are the wrong place doing the wrong things, often, frustration, anxiety and stress will follow. 

You adapt yourself too much to others and might face problems with your boss or colleagues and you have the feeling of not adding any value. Your levels of well-being decline and you lack vitality and fulfillment.

I believe people and women specifically, are being challenged to step forward, to become more visible. To use their intuitive and sensitive female qualities to bring their authentic leadership to the workplace. To transform the male qualities we use in overdrive and develop and make visible our sensitivity and collaboration skills.

I believe that we need to create a work environment for ourselves where we show our authentic gifts by being aligned with our female soul. Adding value with our qualities of authenticity, compassion, intuition, collaboration, sensitivity and long-term view. When we embody our soulful value we feel flow again and the way we do things costs less energy because we are more authentic.

My approach

I believe in a transformational way of coaching to really create a shift on your deepest layers so that you are able to connect with your true, soulful self. I use bodywork and pragmatic coaching tools.  You will be invited to tune in with your feelings and intuition to tap into your own wisdom and align that with your mind to be able to manifest what you desire from heart.

When you create a soul-centered career you choose to let go of adapting yourself to the status quo. You choose to walk a path that works for you, inspires you and that is a path where securities fade away. Nobody has walked that path before because it is your own unique journey.

That might feel scary, even terrifying because it feels unsafe and many fears show up preventing you from walking a path where you have to trust on yourself and your true gifts.

Because of these challenges I have designed a program to make it easier for you to pursue a career that is inspiring and fulfilling, created from soul.

This program offers a transformational shift on limiting beliefs that hold you hostage and be able to transform fear into trust where you start to take your professional dreams seriously. Where you start to create a career from your heart using your intuitive and soulful skills.


During this program,  you will learn  to connect with yourself on a deeper level and discover the gifts your Authentic self has to offer. You will learn to put your authentic self on the steering wheel that will guide you to create your fulfilling, genuine life and career.

This program is for:

  • Sensitive, intuitive and creative women that have great jobs but feel that something is missing in their career and wish to innovate themselves working in a different way without needing to change their jobs.
  • Women in their thirties, with our without children and feel that their current work is not aligned
  • Women that are recovered from burn-out and are ready to think about : what is next in my career.
  • When you have discovered that you want to make a living in the spiritual sector

This program is not for you:

  • If you are rationally orientated, you are not open to intuition, soulful alignment and meditation
  • If you expect that somebody else is doing the work to create results. 
  • If you feel that you want a quick fix and are in a hurry to change your career.
  • If you do not have financial stability issues that you don’t know how to resolve. From an ethical point of view I do not want to work with people who create debt to start this program.

Topics we work on

These are the topics we work on:

  • Journey together to create alignment between your mind, body and soul.

  • Unravel your soulful authentic mission, vision and values to help you create a clear career direction in your life and career

  • Discovering and enhancing your qualities and develop your leaning points

  • being able to manage your energy levels

  • Uncover the time you need to focus on these nourishing activities by saying no, with grace, to the things which are no longer serving you.

  • Learn how to embody your natural authentic confidence 

  • Move your mindset to create an attitude of proactivity instead of reactivity

  • Become more aware of and how to navigate the fears and deep rooted beliefs which have been holding you back from creating a life that you enjoy and feel inspired by.

  • Based on the above outcome, create an overview of your authentic personal leadership you can always look into when you feel that you are getting off track. Like a reminder of the path you wish to walk to be the authentic leader of your life. 

How does that work in practice? You receive:

  • A free online intake of 30 minutes
  • A 3 month program of 6 1-1 sessions. Possible face to face at my practice in Amsterdam-Oud Zuid or online when you do not live nearby Amsterdam. 
  • All the modules of the program "Authentic Leadership" the exercises.
  • Online support between sessions for quick questions, problem solving and breakthrough celebrations.

Results: After this career Coaching program, You Can Expect To

  • Translate self awareness in embody a life that resonates with you

  • Be able to create a life aligned with your mission, vision and values

  • Feel more of a natural confidence in everything you do

  • Access your own inner wisdom quickly and reliably

  • Express your own voice and put your unique professional authentic contribution out into the world

  • Feel less dependent on the approval of others — at work AND in your personal life

  • Deal with the criticism that comes with creating your unique authentic life and career

  • Know how to sustain long-term action toward your goals

  • Understand how to wisely surf with the fears that arises when we create an authentic path in our life


The investment of this program is 1497,- incl BTW. 
Payment plans are available. Paying in full has its benefits though, namely that you pay less.

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