10 Reading Recommendations for a Transformative Summer

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Since I was a child I loved to read. As a young girl of 8 I went to the local public library to read piles of books. Especially around Summer time. We always went for the whole Summer holidays to Spain, to visit my Spanish family. During the siesta time, when it is too hot to go outside, my parents and other family member went for a  nap and I would usually lay down  on my bed reading all sorts of books to enter different worlds.

My love has never ended. When my children were younger I had to stop reading as I did not have the time to read. Now that they are older, I finally can find the time to read again. 

Posted on July 21, 2018 and filed under books to read.

Success story: Company and employee collaborate during reintegration after burnout

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Did you know that in the Netherlands 1.000.000 employees suffer from Burn-out Complaints? This is a concerning rate and that's why I decided to integrate the collaboration between the employer and the employee who suffers from burn-out complaints or Burn-out in the trayectory.

Since 2013 I help international women in the Netherlands recover from Burn-out. They knock on my door for guidance and they all recovered. BUT, what I saw was that the relationship with the employer was broken during the process and many left the workplace within a year.

I am a strong believer that Burn-out is a joint responsibility, from employer and employee. And that when both are taking the responsibility to do what is necessary to facilitate the recovery of a burn-out that an employee can re-integrate successfully in their previous role AND apply the learnings from burn-out to grow as an authentic leader.