The importance of Authenticity on Wellbeing and Health

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This is an interview with Sandra Guy who has an acupuncture practice in Amsterdam. We collaborate together when a client is recovering from burn-out as acupuncture helps the energy flow in he body. We had a chat about authenticity and the effect on our wellbeing

Eva: What does authenticity mean to you?  

Sandra: Authenticity is about living in a way that is true for you. When you are authentic you allow yourself to feel what you feel and accept it, rather than putting on a mask and pretending you feel something else. Authenticity is not about being happy all the time or about being seen to be happy. And it’s not about being right or wrong or in control. Authenticity is acknowledging what is real for you at a given moment and embracing that, even when it feels uncomfortable.

Eva: What is the importance of authenticity on health and well being?  

Sandra: Authenticity determines the quality and flow of chi (energy) through a body. Authentic living encourages quality qi to move round your body without obstruction, supporting and nourishing it. Living inauthentically creates resistance to that natural flow. Your thoughts and actions do not support your sense of well being and the qi in your body is compromised causing it to stagnate, decline or rebel. These patterns of disharmony eventually lead to disease.

Eva: What can acupuncture do to support authenticity?

Sandra: Acupuncture promotes the free and harmonious flow of qi and blood in the body. It is regularly used to remove the effects of stimulants, stress and emotion which manifest as feelings of discomfort and pain. Acupuncture works to calm the Shen – bringing peace and clarity to the mind, so honest decisions can be taken about where you are, where you want to be and how best to get there. Acupuncture also influences the quality of qi as it tonifies deficiency, disperses excess and restores the dynamic balance of yin and yang to the body as a whole.

Eva: How do acupuncture and Eva Authentic Living work together?


Sandra: Acupuncture is an excellent way to release the stagnation (and associated imbalances) caused by mental and emotional issues that have been tucked away in the physical body instead of being acknowledged and dealt with in the real world. In this way acupuncture works beautifully to support any therapy encouraging authenticity and change through awareness, realignment and coaching.

 Read more about Sandra and what she can do for you through acupuncture.

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