Life is not a rehearsal, it is for real

Hi there,

Life is not a rehearsal
is my biggest learning since I was diagnosed with cancer in March 2015. Hearing that I had a life threatening disease has helped me put things into perspective. 

What is important for me?

That is the question that is running around my head and body since that moment and I am acting upon it. I have cut the bullshit, decluttered many areas of my life since then because I realized, this is for real. I can die, time is precious and that is the only thing I am able to influence: what I am doing and with whom.

I already had very clear what my why was: to live a soul-centered, authentic life, but I did not embody that. Simply because I was too afraid to choose to live truly according to where I believed in. There were always these thought life: "If I do that, I might hurt others," or "Who do you think you are by acting according to what you believe in, keep it small." And because I feel that it is extremely important to live an authentic and soulful life,  it made me feel extremely vulnerable. I did not feel prepared to show my vulnerability in the world.

Looking back at it now, I realize these thoughts were not true. Their function was to keep me safe, to not step out of my comfort zone. These sabotaging thoughts did not help me create a positive impact on my life and that of others. I was creating a "living small" life and not an authentic life.

What is important for you?

I see too many women doing the same, by doubting themselves, making themselves small, not playing the role they are designed for in their life. They are mostly at service of others by abandoning their needs, wishes and values with a result of getting lost.  I see for example women at the service of their children's  (you can fill in work, partner, family etc. etc.) needs 150% and forget to put their oxygen max on with the result that they feel feel exhausted (burned-out) with no air and space to serve themselves. When I ask them "What do you need?" , "What is important for you?"  It get's quiet.

Step into your role

The cancer has pushed me in taking myself seriously and I started  to get the message out there that we need to connect with our purpose and play the role we are designed for. The cancer has helped me to step into my role of being an advocate of authentic living.  

I consider myself a student of life, life is my greatest teacher. It throws lessons to me in the face to learn from it. I believe we all have a contract on soul level and that we are here on earth to learn. And everybody has a different contract and it is a journey to get aware of that and then to step into that role.


One thing I am experiencing is that we cannot walk away from our purpose or role we are designed for. Once we do step in it,  life is honoring it by making things smooth and easy. I know when I am aligned when I start to feel a deep flow and easiness and everything comes to me in a natural way. Then I know I am aligned and authentic and in touch with my soulful purpose.

Do not wait until a life event is pushing you to think about what is important. So my burning questions for you are:

  • What is important for you in your life?

  • What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

  • What is giving you energy and inspiration?

Imaging that you have only 6 months to live. What are you going do or not do in this period of time now that time is precious? Share with me, and write your answers in the comment box below.


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Posted on October 7, 2016 .