Success story: Company and employee collaborate during reintegration after burnout

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Did you know that in the Netherlands 1.000.000 employees suffer from Burn-out Complaints? This is a concerning rate and that's why I decided to integrate the collaboration between the employer and the employee who suffers from while I work on a burn-out recovery program.

Since 2013 I help international women in the Netherlands recover from burn-out. They knock on my door for guidance and they all recovered. BUT, what I saw was that the relationship with the employer was broken during the process and many left the workplace within a year. I see that there was something going wrong. And that was that the support and collaboration of the employer was missing.

I am a strong believer that burn-out recovery is a joint responsibility, for the employer and the employee. And when both are taking the responsibility to do what is necessary to facilitate the recovery of a burn-out, an employee can re-integrate successfully in their previous role AND apply the learnings from burn-out to grow as an authentic leader.

This story is a story of an employee and an employer who both received guidance to create a successful reintegration process. In my experience an employee can not re-integrate successfully without the support and guidance from the employer.  That's why I not only guide the employee BUT ALSO the employer. To inform and guide in what are necessary conditions to help the employee successfully recover and re-integrate at the workplace.

Nobody is happy when an employee is sick. The employee does not know what to do, but in my experience an employer is also clueless. When we know what to do, then the recovery can be faster and is more effective and sustainable. For a healthy company, the wellbeing of the employees is very important as when they feel good they are more inspired and productive and this is helpful to meet the business goals.

In this article you can read a successful story where employee and employer with joint effort made it possible that the employee was able to recover and reintegrate completely within a year in her previous role with newly acquired personal leadership skills.

Employee experience in recovering from Burn-out

If you asked me how I was doing a year ago, the words I’d use to describe my state of being would surely be ‘hot mess’. Physically I was extremely tense, I wasn’t sleeping, and my heart always felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. I was very irritable all the time, anxious about the littlest things, and not able to concentrate or think clearly. I was rushing through life, not able to set boundaries with myself or others, and felt utterly powerless to change my situation.

When taking a bit of time off work didn’t help, my manager suggested that I work with someone to help me find my balance and she helped me find Eva Authentic Living. Eva immediately recognised my symptoms as being characteristic of chronic stress, and over the course of a year, she gave me the tools and insights to choose healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with stress and live a vital life and career.

Much to my surprise, the first thing I had to learn was how to relax. This was the most difficult for me, as I discovered that I hadn’t been effectively resting – probably my entire life. Eva helped me to recognise a resistance within myself. She challenged me to let go of my convictions about self-care and my personal need to be constantly productive. Through guided meditations, bodywork, and a whole host of exercises designed to help me look critically at how I was managing my energy, Eva supported me in learning how to listen to my body.

Now, I would say that I’m thriving, both at work and in my personal life. Though I still have some ‘hot mess’ moments, I have the self-awareness and self-management skills to successfully pull myself out of these episodes. Through managing my energy, planning in moments for true rest and relaxation, and not overscheduling myself (both at work and in my personal life), I can ensure that I take care of myself so I don’t fall back into a state of chronic stress. For probably the first time in my life, I’m prioritising myself and my needs, being proactive in my relationships, and setting boundaries. It’s a continuous journey though and one that would have looked a lot different if it hadn’t been for Eva’s incredible guidance.

Employer experience in the recovery of her employee's burn-out

I saw the signs of stress in my employee. She and I talked together about tactics to set boundaries and create margin in her life as she continued to develop and grow professionally. Through her honesty and openness with me, it became clear that she needed to pause and recalibrate with the help of external support. 

We found Eva at exactly the right time. From the moment we spoke on the phone, she gave me confidence that coach, employer and employee could walk through the journey together with the goal of bringing health and vitality to the employee. She was honest about the time that it would take for my staff member to move from a place of chronic stress to thriving both personally and professionally. It helped me as the employer to make arrangements for the work to be handled by others and to have a clear understanding of the road to recovery.

The transformation in my staff member was incremental at first. Regular check-ins between all three parties, helped to mark and celebrate that progress was taking place. The more my employee could communicate her needs, the stronger she became. By the end of her coaching sessions, I could see the concrete ways she was putting what she learned into practice. She was indeed thriving and able to approach life in a new way. Eva acted as facilitator, interpreter and coach. We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for her.

When you suspect that one of your employees is suffering from high levels of stress, please contact me to see how I could help you both in creating a vital situation in your company. The longer you wait to reach out for help, the longer it takes to help your employee recover. Feel free to have a chat over the phone to see how I can help your employee(s) thrive again so that they can add value and contribute positively to the company.

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Hi, I am Eva and I support women who are working hard to climb the career ladder or grow their thriving small business. I help them to create a life and career with purpose and wellbeing so that they can become natural authentic leaders and contribute positively to our current changing world.

I also helps organizations create awareness about burn-out and stress and offers sustainable authentic solutions to help employees thrive naturally at the workplace.

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