Finding my authentic way in leading my business

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Hi there,

I am currently thinking about getting the right message across about what I am doing in my business.  These months I am looking back and reflect on where I was and where I am now, which gives me information what I do, the way I do it and why. 

Writing about these things is my way of processing and I thought it would be good to share my journey with you as I think this is how we evolve and become. 

After 6 years of being an entrepreneur and 5 years of leading my coaching business, I see that I started with a traditional way of setting up a holistic coaching practice. A practice where women could book bodywork sessions because of stress and anxiety and wanted to be more in touch with their bodies.

Besides the bodywork sessions I designed my own method of how to design an authentic career path which felt aligned with my clients as they experienced a lack of purpose and meaning in their work. But also in this career coaching service I used the body as an instrument and was very different from how other coaches would do it.

As a certified bodyworker, I went through a specialized training to become an expert in helping people recover from chronic stress through a very specific method and I did just that. I started applying the formulas based on the challenges the client faced.

I always felt a bit confused and I struggled with how to describe to people what I do because a lot of people told me that the experience was deeper then just coaching or that the session with bodywork was not simply bodywork. Or that they got much more out of a trajectory which was about recovering from burn-out.

That gave me more confusion. “How should I describe what I do?” “Should I point out the different methods I use?”, the stress management, the bodywork approach or the body-mind soul alignment?”, or should I mention that my way of working is a blended way of guidance, or that I am specialized in a target group or what my role is? As being a bodyworker, stress coach or career coach seem to be like three different things, but for me it was all the same. So, I went crazy and more confused…

Now 5 years later, I still do not have one way of describing what I do as on top of that I do mindfulness sessions for large business events and I guide women in female leadership. But in essence I am not a bodyworker, a stress career coach or female leadership coach. I am not these roles. These are my expertise fields. I am an expert in chronic stress prevention and recovery, authentic career design and female leadership. 

Not a traditional therapy or coaching approach

I shared a bit of WHAT I do. What my expertise fields are.  Now I would like to focus on HOW I do that. I focus on the needs of my clients. I facilitate a process where my clients are becoming more aware of themselves which helps them to overcome their inner conflicts and change their behavior because of that.

My how is that I do not focus on the method or formula which has been taught to me. I have all of these tools available and experience in my back pack as a facilitator and pick the ones which I think serves best my client. Every clients receives a blended and bespoke approach which gives the best results in creating a transformative learning experience to facilitate them to become authentic creative leaders of their lives and careers.

So along the way I broke up with the traditional methods and formulas which define the how of a traditional coaching practice. My how is that I learned through my clients what THEY needed. Sometimes it is a conversation, sometimes a meditation a visualization or a bodywork exercise or a coaching approach. Sometimes I am stepping in as a mentor or a teacher.  I use all these different roles to facilitate my clients. I call that guidance, not coaching, counseling or therapy. Even if I use all of that. My work is not about me, I focus on what does my client need to grow their full potential like the say in the adds of coaching. I do not call that full potential but potential being of their lives. 

Besides not using a formula and focus on the client, I do not want to come up with answers, solutions or fixing their problems. As I strongly believe my clients have not a problem. They think they have, but by enforcing that they have a problem we consider that we need to fix and solve something. My clients are whole human beings and there is nothing wrong with them. 

So I approach my clients as creative leaders who have the answers inside themselves. I help them become aware of their thoughts and feelings, their judgments and beliefs and conditioning which do not help them becoming the leader of their lives.  They come to me because they wish to have more freedom, to speak out their needs and voice. Deep down they know that they have this authentic power but do not know how to reach it. Again, I guide my clients in self awareness and dig into the inner work which is key for transformation. 

Knowing my clients and their challenges

So until now I have described my what and my how. I have not only specialized in the fields of expertise and the approach, but I also know my clients. I know HOW to guide driven, ambitious smart women become authentic female leaders. I know their challenges because I have worked with them over 5 years now. I take them serious. I am 100% present, inquire their needs, ask questions, invite them to do the spiritual work and help them in taking off their armor. 

I facilitate the growth of natural confidence, to trust their feminine qualities like tapping into their intuition, being able to deal with uncertainty with patience and self-care. Helping them with skills to courageously navigate the uncomfortable feelings they experience without reacting with numbing themselves through working hard. I help them being compassionate with themselves and their growth. And ultimately create a loving relationship with themselves. 

I help them balancing the expectations they think the world has about them and how to manage the expectations towards this world. I help them communicate effectively and enhance their empathy and sensitivity without forgetting about themselves. 

I do longer term programs because this work requires focus and attention. I want my clients to be focused and committed on their transformation. So we journey together for 3, 6,9 or 12 months where we have committed with each other to focus on their growth and challenges. To peel off layers of armor and arrive at a place where we feel we can be ourselves without masks. Where we are present, able to navigate uncomfortable situations.

Why do I do this?

And finally I have arrived at my why. Why do I do this work. Because I have experienced the power of self awareness and self knowledge. Of questioning my conditioning and my beliefs about what was possible in my life which has led me to live from a business which is not only paying my bills, it helps me live a life with freedom and growth where I can help others create opportunities and possibilities for themselves. If you would have asked me 10 years ago if this would be possible, I would have said no, not a chance and I would sum up all the excuses I could think of. 

Well, I did it, because I wanted so badly to become and independent professional that I had to continue stretching myself as a leader of my life. I invested time, energy and financial resources to learn what I had to learn to walk this path.

I help specifically women because I believe that women are awesome and smart but that they are not completely fulfilling their true being because of the conditioning and upbringing and signals we receive from society. 

We are not valuing yet enough what we bring on the table, we are not valuing yet enough our feminine qualities and we are adapting still too much to the expectations of the outside world. Much more then men do. My vision is to live in a world where women embody confidence and enhance their feminine qualities as that is key to live on a healthy planet. It is not only for themselves. It is for the greater good. 

So again, I am not a stress, career leadership coach nor a bodyworker. I am Eva and I use my experience and tools to guide women who wish to live an authentic, creative life and career through programs and retreats which create a deep transformative learning experience to become a female leader.
Easy? No, worth it?

Yes, definitely.

Let me share here what clients have said about working together with me: “The Authentic Female Leadership program with Eva was an eye opener to understand the connection and kindness we need to have to nurture body, mind and soul. This helped me remind myself of the core values that guide my path and unveil the authenticity that lies within myself to lead my life and my career. I feel really grateful to see myself taking the step to be present.”

I feel much more clear about what I do, how I do it and why. This feels like an authentic way of leading my business. Are you leading your life, business or career authentically?

Now when you have read this to the end it says you are interested. You might even be interested in a female leadership journey, so I give you the opportunity to investigate if this is something for you. Schedule your 30 min free chat with me to see how you can start navigating more comfortably the waves of your life and career.

Let’s do that together,

to your soul being,


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Hi, I am Eva and I support women who are working hard to climb the career ladder or grow their thriving small business.

I facilitate them to create a life and career with purpose and wellbeing so that they can create a balanced and conscious life. I do this by helping them to re-connect with their body and soul. This alignment creates authentic leadership and contributes positively to our current changing world.

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Posted on February 15, 2019 .