Your life purpose is not to be found in your career

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Hi there,

This morning I had my daily walk as since a few weeks I am trying to do more exercise (10.000 steps a day, which is a challenge) as it gives me calm, focus and less tight trousers. While I am having my walks, I like to listen to the podcast of Oprah Winfrey called Super Soul Conversations.

She is a great inspiration for me as she plays big and she uses her capabilities to make the world a more conscious place. The podcast has many episodes with different people who are explorers of the spiritual path, truth, soul and the divine.

I love it as each person (almost all have written books so they are so to say experts) shares their story about their spiritual path, beliefs and views on the divine. It is something I rarely talk about or even see in other’s in my daily life. I am living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and here the culture of going to church or being spiritual and religious is not something we loudly talk about…

Churches are empty because many abandon the religious practices and churches are being given a new purpose, like a concert hall or a bookshop. Does this also say that people do not believe in God? Even asking this question is something I feel is a bit out of place as we rarely have a conversation about what God means to us, what living a spiritual or religious life is in 2019.. That is how spirituality has become, something seperate from our lives. Instead of something present as it has always been part of the human experience. That’s why I love the podcast from Oprah as she talks about spirituality and the divine with people.

Feeling disconnect and separated
I have not the answers but what I do see is that many people feel cut off, separated and are looking to find or fulfill their purpose in ways which have a dead end. Some people knock on my practice door wishing to do a program on creating their meaningful career, understanding that they are going to fill that hole with a fulfilling career. It is great and legitimate to become aware of what kind of work is aligned with your talents, values and competenties but it is a pitfall to feel fulfillment in your LIFE by your career.

Yes, you hear me right. Your life purpose is not something you must seek in your career.

Let me explain. I believe we are all spiritual beings living a human experience. I believe we come here on earth to experience what it is to be human, in all it’s colors and shades. So there you are being this soul in human form and you grow up with the conditioning and experiences which shape the way you approach things in life and you roll into some kind of field of work and you feel that the work is depleting you and not giving a sense of purpose or meaningfulness.

Then it is legitimate to see if your qualities and talents are aligned with the kind of work you do. Your soul can even be happy about what you do. But work is one element of your life. It is like looking out for a friend or a relationship which will always be nice to you and appreciate you. That assumption will only disappoint you as you know that such a friend or partner does not exist.

Relationships, career, family, health, work are all elements in our life which require our attention and focus but is not what fulfills us essentially. I believe that what fulfills us is the relationship we have with ourselves. When we love ourselves, we can love other’s. When we love ourselves, we can put a nasty boss or difficult team member in perspective and even have compassion for them.

Befriending ourselves
So going back to trying to fulfill the disconnect and lack of love towards yourself with filling that up with a meaningful career is not the right approach.
Our feeling of connection, love, trust and faith does not have it’s origin in work. The origin is in you. In feeling connected with yourself and the love for yourself. The extra comes in when you are connected with something which is greater than you, which I call the divine presence. It is not higher or lower, it is part of you. It is not the God with the beard. It is an experience which I call love and peace ( I sound like a hippy now!).
It is that life force which inspires us, gives us love, faith and connection.

Kicking out the divine in our lives
I feel that I am living in a culture where the existence of god or the divine is being denied. Where people are skeptical about the divine, the universe and God or whatever name you wish to give it. The problem with denying the divine in our life is that we have no space for miracles, that we deny interconnection and that we might think that we can do it all by ourselves. That life is something we can direct and control the way we want it to be. That life becomes a list of steps and walking those steps will ensure us to be happy and fulfilled.

If there is something I learned from cancer is that we are part of a life intelligence which we cannot control. Life is not certain, life is not a plan. We certainly are part of this life force. I feel that every single person is a representation of something really remarkable. So when you feel off, separated, experience a lack of inspiration or purpose, do not try to find the answers in your work, relationship or family. Start to become curious and have a look within, as that is where the path of purpose and connection starts.

If you are expecting me to give you a list of steps you need to take to look within, I am going to disappoint you. As I am not going to give you a list of steps to do that. I can help out with practicing the skills to look within. I can give you inspiration as in book recommendations or podcasts which all will tell you the same in essence:

that your life purpose is within you, waiting to be experienced, felt and discovered.  

to your soul being,


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