What led me to to do this work? My personal story...

Hi there,

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The work I do is the result of my own personal journey. Let me share that journey with you, to explain where I come from and what I value. 

Several times in my life, I have felt challenged and out of my comfort zone. I lived and worked abroad in my twenties, I faced a burnout after my first child in my thirties, and when I was thirty-nine, I was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer.

Besides the training and education I have received, these life events have been my most powerful learning experiences. They invited me to reevaluate, go to the core essence of myself, and build up my life from a different foundation; that of trust instead of fear. 

The burnout in 2010 was an invitation to transform my attitude and shift to another way of thinking, feeling and being. To shift to a place where I resonate with my body. As part of my healing from burnout, I followed a three-year training to become a Rebalancing Bodywork therapist, to create a more heart-centered and authentic life and career. The skills and knowledge I learned during that training have helped me to hold space for my clients, and for the most challenging event in my life so far: my journey through cancer in 2015.

In April 2015, I started my journey to heal from cancer. I recognized that everything that I had learned so far in my profession as a Coach and Rebalancer was helping me to navigate from fear to trust. Cancer is an incredible learning experience and I felt that it encouraged me to reach beyond my everyday life. I was aligned with my body and this experience invited me to connect with my soul. The journey through cancer enhanced my skills, qualities, and experience, and I continue to heal from it to this day. It gave me the inner strength and resilience to be able to deal with the uncertainty of life.

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This experience has helped me realize that my mission is to celebrate life with gratitude. In my work, I pass on that principle. To connect with the intelligence of life and align with it. When I live that, I facilitate others to do the same. So instead of numbing yourself by working too hard, I invite you to get in touch with who you are deep down and align your life with that essence. A practice that we need to do every day. Where simplicity, joy, and gratitude guides us. 

Cancer has taught me one big lesson and that is that there is but one certainty: we will all die one day. How we live our lives and what we do with them is a choice. Let's make it a conscious one. I believe that life is there to be lived in all its colors and shades, and at every moment, we can decide how we react to it. With fear or with trust. Surrendering to the intelligence of life is one of the lessons we are being invited to learn in the current transformative age.

If you feel inspired after reading my journey, and would like to ask a question, share your personal story, or work together on your challenges, please feel welcome to get in touch. I look forward to connecting with you!

To your soul being,

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Hi, I am Eva, and I support women who are working hard to climb the career ladder, or grow their thriving small business.

I facilitate them to create a life and career with purpose and wellbeing, so that they can create a balanced and conscious life. I do this by helping them to reconnect with their body and soul. This alignment creates authentic leadership and contributes positively to our current changing world.

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Posted on May 29, 2019 .