7 Steps to embody your authentic career path

authentic career path

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If you are looking for a job in the Netherlands it is important to develop skills to find it. As an international female professional  you can find some difficulties if you are not aware of the cultural Dutch standards in the job hunting process. The job market is changing and Dutch companies are looking for employees and manaders who add value to their business and can find solutions for their challenges.

Mind set change
The first thing to keep in mind is that we have to change our mindset. The job market has changed a lot lately, but I still see a lot of job seekers presenting themselves as they were still living in the industrial age where we consider ourselves as a job seeker, where we identify ourselves with a function like if we were a gear in an organizational machine.

In the knowledge era we have to present ourselves as problem solvers, where we make a significant contribution, where we show ourselves as a human being with unique strengths, talents, passions and a conscience. The traditional way of presenting ourselves where we describe our education, professional experience and skills is not enough anymore. We have to know what our unique contribution is and what solutions we can offer for the challenges  companies are facing right now.

Pause to do a self-evaluation
Therefore we need to pause and take some time to do a self-evaluation to discover what is the uniqueness we can offer. By being aware of your uniqueness as a professional, you can differentiate yourself from your competence at the job market.  Above that you also have to know what fulfills you, what is your passion, what gives you energy. If you connect with that part of yourself and you can find a place where you can do that and you offer solutions to challenges, then you can create a meaningful career for yourself.

Model to give structure and a direction
Many are struggling with the fact that they do not know what fulfills them and in case they know, they do not know how to create a fulfilling career for themselves.  I have designed a simple model with steps that you can apply in your own situation, that combines depth with an hands-on outcome that can be used in your job search or career change.

The are the 7 Steps to Design your authentic career path

1.  Discover your Mission, Vision and Values

2. Resume your Knowledge, Experience and Skills

3. Create awareness on your strengths and development points

4. Work on your Self confidence & Vitality

5. Describe your Favorite Working Conditions

6. Design a Strategy and Action plan

7. Communicate and express yourself to the job market through Personal Branding

In case you are interested in leaning more about creating your authentic career path, contact me to see if I can help you further in creating a career with purpose.

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Posted on August 14, 2014 .