How to create aligned goals

how to create aligned goals

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When we set goals many times the intention is there but we do not reach them because we do not include a deeper part of us. Our true self.
In order to create goals with soul we should include our body in the approach of creating a direction that has meaning for us. 

Why do I need to connect with my true self to set up a goal?
Well, when we can connect with a deeper, more true part of us, we connect with something that IS. Something that does not change because it is our true nature. When we listen to this part that speaks to us, we can feel our needs and based on that we can set our goals.  And communicating with that, we get answers that inspire us from within.

When we sit quiet and listen, we can hear it expressing the intentions and direction for our life. When you pay attention it unfolds and creates without having to push things forward. Because it is the authentic part of us that wants to be expressed in the world and that has a natural force. We only have to work on our patience and skills to connect with our body that speaks in a very direct way to us through feelings and intuition.

Example of a client that connected with her authenticity
I will give you an example, last year I had a client and she did the program "Design your Meaningful Career" with me. When we started she was flat in energy, very driven in reaching her goals by working hard and long hours. Her goal was to feel more meaning in her career but failed. We discovered that she had this quality of being highly intuitive but did not own this as a quality. She felt that she could not use this talent because she asked herself: "How to do that in a highly mental corporate environment? (the real challenge is: how can I fit in being different and how to integrate my female energy in this dominant male energy environment )

We worked on that talent, recognizing it, giving it tools to express it when it came up and what happened? After 5 sessions her energy and her way of doing things changed. She focused more on her needs, her boundaries and she embraced her insecurities. She accepted herself more and on a deeper level she transformed. She got clearer where she was heading to in her career and she felt more at peace with things. Because she connected and started to listen to her true self. Now she flows more and pushes less what she wants because she has more trust in herself.

Job Coaching
After a half year she came back when she asked me to help her to get a new job role at the company she worked for. Now she felt confident of going for something that others believed she was not ready for, and in the end she got that role.

You can think that I was responsible for this huge change, but what happened is that we did that together. I helped her with practical tips and guided her in starting to listen to her true self.

She started to accept and express herself on a deeper level, (and that is the part I love to work with). She connected and befriended more with her true authentic self. She did not try to adapt herself so much to others anymore and she started to radiate a completely different energy. An energy where people like to be with, even at big corporations.

Sparkling eyes
And that's why she got hired in the new role. They saw a person that was confident in an authentic way. The interviewers even said to her: you have such a nice energy, your eyes are sparkling the whole time! 

That is what I mean by connecting with your true self when you set your goals.  That's what I mean by living authentically. Following your own inner voice and let yourself guide by it.  When we allow ourselves to be with ourselves and discover what we really want and need, magic start to happen. 

Did you have a similar experience or you would like to share thoughts or questions, let me know! ....and use the comment box below.

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Posted on December 16, 2014 .