How to deal with feelings at work

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We all feel overwhelmed once in a while at work with what many call "negative" feelings. Sadness, anger, frustration, loneliness, fear are all part of the inner world and are normal and very human. What we have learned is to supress and deny them and our connection with these feelings is negative, not the feeling itself.

We all want to feel happy, creative and inspired but once we start denying part of our feelings we also are not able to feel the "positive" feelings. How would it be to change our perception about certain feelings and start to experience them? Consider these feelings like friends. Because these "energies" are part of us and it is a bit strange to deny part of ourselves right?

For me opening up started when I was burn-out 5 years ago and signed up for the 3 year Rebalancing Bodywork Training. It gave me tools and a way of being able to explore these feelings and being able to recover from my burn-out. It gave me a whole new perspective and approach to deal with difficult situations in life.

Rebalancing Bodywork Therapy is an approach to restore the connection with your inner world and your feelings. The body is used as a doorway to the psyche and it brings consciousness and awareness while being able to deal with situations in your life. It does not analyse, simply opening up to the feeling and explore it without judgement. The effect is that the feeling disolves because it just wants to be felt and experienced instead of being supressed and denied and stored in our uncounsciouss garbage. 

Stop identifying with your thoughts and feelings
What helped me was not to identify myself with my thoughts and feelings, just seeing them as an entrance to go deeper layer by layer, to finally come to a place of being where there is ease, peace and joy, (and authenticity). No masks, no defense mechanisms, just you in essence.

If you are able to deal with "negative"feelings at work you will notice how much productive you are and less stress you will experience. Keep in mind that denying and suppressing feelings takes a lot of energy we are not even aware of.

The following exercise helps you (with an attitude of curiosity), to explore every feeling or emotion you might have. Instead of suppressing it we welcome it with our attention and breath. Paying attention without identifying with the feeling can help you become more present in your body an feel less overwhelmed by it and gives a sense of peace.

EXCERCISE ( duration 5-10 min)
-Find a comfortable chair where you are able to sit straight and put your feet on the floor. -you close your eyes and you pay attention to your breath, you do not need to change it or start to breathe deeply, just pay attention to it. -after 10 inhalations and exhalations you ask yourself: “Where is the attention in my body going to?” -You might feel something aching, or a part that feels uncomfortable and you start to breath towards that place. Take some time to exhale and inhale to that place of your body. Giving it warmth like you would approach a little child that is crying.

-Now ask yourself how does it feel now after giving it attention, oxygen and awareness. You could repeat this exercise with all the parts of your body that require attention. Every time you do this you will see and feel that you reconnect with yourself and you start to feel that these feelings are like clouds to be taken seriously without identifying with them. How would it be to tell yourself: “Sadness is here instead of I am sad”.

If you are curious and would like to know more about session, or you would like to experience one go here or contact me here.

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Posted on August 7, 2015 .