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Authentic Conversations: burnout recovery story by Marianne

Hi there,

In this series of authentic conversations around burn-out, my clients share their recovery journey openly with the world. The intention with this series is to create awareness and understanding around burn-out and chronic stress. The stories invite to inspire others to be brave, challenge their beliefs and speak up on their needs to avoid burnout and other stress related outcomes.

Below you can read the story from Marianne.

Posted on May 26, 2019 and filed under Authentic Conversations.

What is a burnout, and how to prevent it from happening

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Hi there,
In June 2009, when I returned from my pregnancy leave to my workplace, everything seemed fine the first weeks. I worked as a consultant in an international consultancy firm then. After a while I did not recognize my “professional me” as at the end of the workday I forgot what I had been doing in the morning. I noticed that I found it difficult to focus and I was much more emotional than I used to be.

Posted on September 8, 2015 and filed under Burn-Out.