10 Reading Recommendations for a Transformative Summer

Since I was a child I loved to read. As a young girl of 8 I went to the local public library to read piles of books. Especially around Summer time. We always went for the whole Summer holidays to Spain, to visit my Spanish family. During the siesta time, when it is too hot to go outside, my parents and other family member went for a  nap and I would usually lay down  on my bed reading all sorts of books to enter different worlds.

My love has never ended. When my children were younger I had to stop reading as I did not have the time to read. Now that they are older, I finally can find the time to read again. 

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Success story: Company and employee collaborate during reintegration after burnout

Hi there,

Did you know that in the Netherlands 1.000.000 employees suffer from Burn-out Complaints? This is a concerning rate and that's why I decided to integrate the collaboration between the employer and the employee who suffers from burn-out complaints or Burn-out in the trayectory.

Since 2013 I help international women in the Netherlands recover from Burn-out. They knock on my door for guidance and they all recovered. BUT, what I saw was that the relationship with the employer was broken during the process and many left the workplace within a year.

I am a strong believer that Burn-out is a joint responsibility, from employer and employee. And that when both are taking the responsibility to do what is necessary to facilitate the recovery of a burn-out that an employee can re-integrate successfully in their previous role AND apply the learnings from burn-out to grow as an authentic leader.

The journey of a client in creating her soulful career path

Hey ladies,

Why do I do what I do? Why do I guide women in helping them to create their soul-centered life and career? Because I believe we are all natural authentic leaders. We only forgot our natural leadership while we were busy growing up, adapting ourselves to a demanding outside world. We tried to fit in, to feel appreciated and recognized by others. When women are brave enough to shift from meeting the expectations of other’s and meeting their own needs, they start to re-connect with their inner motivations and are serving themselves. When they really start to serve themselves, they can serve the world and create a positive impact.

That’s what I do, I help them re-connect with what I call the authentic self. Our essence where our innate wisdom, vitality, joy and purpose are. It is always there, only buried below self-doubt and playing small mechanisms.  

When clients reconnect with their authentic self and know the tools to incorporate this their life and work, they start to thrive, they start to become the leaders of their life and create a positive impact in their environment.

In this blog post i share with you the journey of a client. She followed the coaching program Embody Your Authentic Career Path. And while she re-conencted with her authentic self during the program she made a shift. Below you can read what the effect was of this shift.

Posted on November 20, 2017 .

How to create time when you think you haven't any

Hi ladies,

We are approaching the busiest time of the year. Many women have so much on their plate that we feel overwhelmed and stressed. The festive season should be a feel good month, but unfortunately many suffer from too high stress levels.

When I ask a random woman in my network: How are you doing? I hear: "busy, busy , busy." What I really hear is: "I am too busy with things that do not give me energy and I need a recharge". We all feel this pressure to meet the demands of the outside world. But are we creating a life where feel fulfilled by? 

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How to let your Energy Flow in Autumn

Hi there,
Autumn is here again! A season in which the days are becoming shorter and darker and it is getting wetter and colder. This change can trigger feelings of being out of balance, like having a cold, the flu, lacking energy for everyday tasks, or feeling anxious or depressed.

Yes, it is a fact that after Summer comes Autumn and that many people really dislike it. Most of us are affected by the change in seasons – it is normal to feel more cheerful and energetic when the sun is shining and the days are longer, or to find that you eat more or sleep longer in winter.

The other way to see it is that every season has a function. Summer invites us to go outwards and Autumn invites us to go inwards, to be with ourselves, to acknowledge that we’re overly busy. We are being encouraged to slow down and to restore the body.

To be able to deal with the seasonal change you can read some tips that I am following myself and it really helps me to align my mind and body stay centered and grounded in Autumn. These simple suggestions can help you to prevent having feelings of being out of balance and restore the connection with yourself. 

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