Allow yourself to follow your intuitive voice

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When I work with women to discover their meaningful career, I always ask them what they would you do if money was no object. The answers are, "I would help people", "learn new languages and travel the world" or "I would write a book" or "start a shelter for animals or homeless children".

Follow your intuitive voice
If you look at these answers you can see and feel that these wishes come from the heart. These wishes do not come from the mind or from a rational place. When money comes in, helping people and developing ourselves seems to be off the table. In my experience we can still do these things at work when we change our intention.

It seems that when there is money involved or we use the word “work” we have to be practical and rational as that is the only option. But if we would align our rational practical  ideas about work and money with our intuition, with the voice that whispers from our heart how would it be like?

How would it be?
How would it be like if we pause for a moment and ask ourselves what we really would like to do? Which wishes and dreams do you have then? When we start to open our hearts for ourselves and allow ourselves to dream and to wonder what would fulfill you,  some interesting answers can come up.

In my experience I started to follow more my inner voice when I was so disconnected with myself that there was no other option than to follow that, because I felt miserable and tired. 

The key thing for me to design my meaningful career was to allow myself, to give myself permission to dream, to fantasize, to be creative and let that flow. To really open my heart and listen to it.

That way i re-connected with myself, with another part of me that is there and I neglected. I see it is not about choosing the intuition or the rational part in us as we need both in life. When we feel out of balance or we would like to shape a more meaningful life then we will need to develop our skills to listen to our intuition. It is there always, we just have to pay attention to it.

Dream, Express, Pause
So when you would like to start your meaningful career: connect with your intuition and dream and pause, dream and pause until you have embodied your dreams and projects you'd wish to do.... and then you can think about how to put it into practice. But first dream and take time to do so without thinking about the practical stuff. Enjoy it. Do not hurry to go to the next stage....First own it and flow with it.  

I invite you to connect with your intuitive voice and feel what your wishes would be without censoring yourself.

What are your wishes and dreams then?

Today is a good day to express your dreams, tell me about them and share in the comment box below.



Posted on November 6, 2014 and filed under Intuition, Career Coaching.