The journey of a client in designing her authentic career path

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Why do I do what I do? Why do I guide women in helping them to create their soul-centered life and career? Because I believe we are all natural authentic leaders. We only forgot our natural leadership while we were busy growing up, adapting ourselves to a demanding outside world.

We tried to fit in, to feel appreciated and recognized by others. When women are brave enough to shift from meeting the expectations of other’s and meeting their own needs, they start to re-connect with their inner motivations and are serving themselves. When they really start to serve themselves, they can serve the world and create a positive impact.

That’s what I do, I help them re-connect with what I call the authentic self. Our essence where our innate wisdom, vitality, joy and purpose are. It is always there, only buried below self-doubt and playing small mechanisms.  

When clients reconnect with their authentic self and know the tools to incorporate this their life and work, they start to thrive, they start to become the leaders of their life and create a positive impact in their environment.

In this blog post i share with you the journey of a client. She followed the coaching program Embody Your Authentic Career Path. And while she re-conencted with her authentic self during the program she made a shift. Below you can read what the effect was on her and her career.

Lost and found: discovering my authentic career path

A few months ago I was lost. I had financial pressures and bills to pay so I was afraid to lose my job. That fear made me hustle and I said yes to any project, any task and any request. I wanted to prove that I was valuable and useful. I became a Jack of many trades. But as a consequence then I ended up doing my least favorite tasks: those which involved attention-to-detail, standard procedures, and repetition.

But I didn’t enjoy it. I felt bored and stuck. I came home from work frustrated and uninspired. I felt that work drained my energy. But I had a permanent contract and I needed the money. So I stayed. Even though there was no career progression prospects in my current company. So I thought if I want to change my situation I needed to look externally. But, first of all, who has the energy to apply for another job when being drained by the current one? And secondly, after being a Jack of many trades, I didn’t know what I really wanted to do.

So I wanted to change but felt I couldn’t. I wanted purpose in my life; I wanted to feel like I was contributing something to someone. That certainly wasn’t the case in my current position. I had one inspiring conversation with a stranger and realized that I hadn’t been so inspired in a long time. But it also made me realize what situations or tasks could inspire me: why wasn’t I doing more of those? Because they weren’t part of my job description, because they weren’t client billable. And that’s what I thought my “value” was measured by.

I couldn’t solve this alone. I found Eva from Eva Authentic Living and she changed my life. More specifically she helped me channel and find myself, my true authentic me. After 8 sessions which included Bodywork, guided meditation, exercises and plenty of guidance I discovered a lot about myself. I found my strengths, I uncovered which activities fuel me and I excavated deep into the depths of me to find my core qualities. These core qualities were a huge revelation to me – they are what make me unique. When I’m aligned with my core qualities I’m buzzing – I am at my best.

And now I know which tasks really allow the authentic me to shine through. When I’m doing these tasks, my colleagues, my manager and the client feel it – they feel my enthusiasm, my energy and my power. My true value, my core value, my authentic value shines through. I am no longer lost. From now on my actions are driven by passion (core qualities) and not by fear. I am no longer a Jack of all trades. I am the Master of one - my own

When you feel that this is what you need, that you want to discover your passion, your authentic value and feel inspired at work again, book your introductory call with me and let's make this happen.

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Eva Visser Plaza is a holistic coach, helping busy, ambitious, international women to create a life and career with purpose and wellbeing so that they can become natural authentic leaders and contribute positively to our current changing world.

She helps women recover from burn-out and create an authentic soulful direction in life and work after the recovery. She has designed special signature programs called:
Burn-out Recovery and Reintegration Coaching and Embody your Authentic Career Path. 
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Posted on November 20, 2017 .