How to create time when you think you haven't any

Hi there,

We are approaching the busiest time of the year. Many have so much on their plate that we feel overwhelmed and stressed. The festive season should be a feel good month, but unfortunately many suffer from too high stress levels.

When I ask a random woman in my network: "How are you doing?" I hear: "busy, busy , busy." What I really hear is: "I am too busy with things that do not give me energy and I need a recharge". We all feel this pressure to meet the demands of the outside world. But are we creating a daily life where feel a bit more fulfilled by? 

What is important to you?
Now, we have 6 weeks left until the end of the year. "Where do you wish to spend your time on until the 31st of December?" Ask yourself today what you find important to spend you time on. Do not wait until the 1st of January. Why wait for the future if we can do something today?

When we find our health important, then let’s create time for that today. With small steps. Always with small steps, or else it get's too overwhelming. Eat something healthy for lunch or dinner. When we find it important to be with our families, let’s create these moments. Spend 30 minutes today to BE with them. Shut off your phone for that time.

Let's focus on what you find important.
What I do with clients to figure out what is important, is to first look at the core values, as they show us what is important and fulfilling us. Then we can align the daily activities with that and we spend our time on things that nourish us. It is from going from automatic pilot to being fully aware and realize what you can DO to create a life more true to yourself. And you can do that with very small steps, every day. And feel compassion when we were not able to do it. 

From stress to relaxation, an example
I guided a wonderful client who has an executive management position and she is a mother of two young children. She suffered from high stress levels because there were too many things on her plate that she tried to manage all by herself. She felt guilty when she was spending time with her family, because she was not dedicating that to her career, and viceversa. That guilt caused stress. 

When we looked at her values it turned out that she found it more important to spend her time with her family. That realization made it possible for her to not feel guilty anymore and the stress that came with the guilt, melted away. When she had clear on what is important in her life, she aligned her activities with those core values.

She also looked at her daily work schedule and said more NO to disruptions and meetings where she did not need to go to. She thought she needed to be present or make time for it, but a follow-up was sometimes just enough to have the right information.

She has learned to be very mindful and aware of what she found important and was ready to align her values with these activities. She stopped pleasing others because she realized that she was not fulfilling her own needs and that it compromised her health. That realization made her possible to reduce her high stress levels. She first fills up her cup with needs and focussed less on the needs of other's. before she felt responsible for the wellbeing of other's. Now she takes care of her own. 

Are you ready?
This client journey was a process and she was ready to open up and to look within herself for her reasons to behave like she did. It is not an easy process because it can be painful sometimes to confront yourself and look at your fears in the face. But she did it, and she has created a life more true to herself and now she can be an authentic leader for her company and her family creating a positive impact.

When you feel that you are ready to look within yourself to really do the inner work, feel free to reach out to me and start today to create time to enjoy your life and learn to get unstuck and stop the current overwhelm. 

To your soulful wellbeing,


Eva Visser Plaza, Holistic Burn-out Coach

Eva Visser Plaza is a holistic coach, helping busy, ambitious, international women to create a life and career with purpose and wellbeing so that they can become natural authentic leaders and contribute positively to our current changing world.

She helps women recover from burn-out and create an authentic soulful direction in life and work after the recovery. She has designed special signature programs called: 
Burn-out Recovery and Reintegration Coaching and Embody your Authentic Career Path. 
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Posted on November 20, 2017 .