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The power of vulnerability and being bold about it

Hi Lovelies,

A few days ago I had my three month check up with my oncologist. At these check-ups my doctor looks at my blood to see if I am still cancer free. So every three months I go to the same hospital as were I was in april 2015 for 10 days.

Those 10 days were the most intense, powerful days of my then 38 years of existence. From the moment I heard I had cancer, I started to transform naturally in a sense of being where trust, vulnerability, ease and connectivity were present.

That experience gave me such inner strength and empowerment to go through the journey of western medicine. Being exposed to 8 chemo and immunotherapy treatments and 6 month blood thinner, antibiotics and Prednisolon intake. The transformation was an ingredient to be able to go through the western cures.  In another blogpost I would like to write more about the effects of these medicine but not now.

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The importance of Authenticity on creating Connection

 Once in a while I have a conversation with somebody about Authenticity and what it means for them in their work.  This month I have interviewed Cara Crisler. She is a dear colleague and coach and shares her vision on #Authenticity.

What does authenticity mean to you? 
We all know the saying, “the more I learn, the less I know.” I certainly relate to this, and in fact see very little as black and white “truth.”  Yet, there are is one thing I can definitely KNOW, and that’s my authenticity. The unfortunate thing is, a lot of barriers have formed throughout my life that prevent me from hearing, seeing, or trusting this “inner truth”—things like my personal emotions, longings, intuition, “gut.”

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The importance of Authenticity on Wellbeing and Health

Every month I have a conversation with somebody about Authenticity and what it means for them in their work. This month I have interviewed Sandra Guy. She is an Acupuncturist and shares her vision of Authenticity and how that influences on health and well being.