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How to let your Energy Flow in Autumn

Hi there,
Autumn is here again! A season in which the days are becoming shorter and darker and it is getting wetter and colder. This change can trigger feelings of being out of balance, like having a cold, the flu, lacking energy for everyday tasks, or feeling anxious or depressed.

Yes, it is a fact that after Summer comes Autumn and that many people really dislike it. Most of us are affected by the change in seasons – it is normal to feel more cheerful and energetic when the sun is shining and the days are longer, or to find that you eat more or sleep longer in winter.

The other way to see it is that every season has a function. Summer invites us to go outwards and Autumn invites us to go inwards, to be with ourselves, to acknowledge that we’re overly busy. We are being encouraged to slow down and to restore the body.

To be able to deal with the seasonal change you can read some tips that I am following myself and it really helps me to align my mind and body stay centered and grounded in Autumn. These simple suggestions can help you to prevent having feelings of being out of balance and restore the connection with yourself. 

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Top 3 books that have inspired me on body, mind and soul level

December has started, one of those months where I prefer to go to a quiet place to read. Do not get me wrong, I love Sinterklaas, Christmas and celebrating the New Year. But If I would follow my instinct, I would flee from the hectic and crazy busyness of this month, to a cabin in nature for a week. To spend time surrounded by trees, silence and read books.

For now, practically not possible to flee to a cabin, thus my second best option is to go to bed earlier and put my phone on flight mode to avoid distractions from outside and dive into a book in my own house to keep busyness low in the evenings and get indulged by new stories or learnings.

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Life is not a rehearsal, it is for real

What is important for me? That is the question that is running around my head and body since that moment and I am acting upon it. I have cut the bullshit, decluttered many areas of my life since then because I realized, this is for real. I can die, time is precious and that is the only thing I am able to influence: what I am doing and with whom.

I already had very clear what my why was: to live a soul-centered, authentic life, but I did not embody that. Simply because I was too afraid to choose to live truly according to where I believed in. There was always this feeling of: "If I do that, I might hurt others," or "Who do you think you are by acting according to what you believe in, keep it small." And because I cared, it made me feel extremely vulnerable. I did not feel prepared to show my vulnerability.

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