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How to create time when you think you haven't any

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We are approaching the busiest time of the year. Many women have so much on their plate that we feel overwhelmed and stressed. The festive season should be a feel good month, but unfortunately many suffer from too high stress levels.

When I ask a random woman in my network: How are you doing? I hear: "busy, busy , busy." What I really hear is: "I am too busy with things that do not give me energy and I need a recharge". We all feel this pressure to meet the demands of the outside world. But are we creating a life where feel fulfilled by? 

Posted on November 20, 2017 .

Taking your needs serious to define your authentic career path

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Today I would like to talk about some aspects which are important to consider when we wish to create an aligned career. It is necessary to write about it, because I see many people and especially women trapped in a role or career that does not align with what they find important in their phase of their lives. 

The importance of Authenticity on Wellbeing and Health

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This is an interview with Sandra Guy who has an acupuncture practice in Amsterdam. We collaborate together when a client is recovering from burn-out as acupuncture helps the energy flow in he body. We had a chat about authenticity and the effect on our wellbeing

Eva: What does authenticity mean to you?  

Sandra: Authenticity is about living in a way that is true for you. When you are authentic you allow yourself to feel what you feel and accept it, rather than putting on a mask and pretending you feel something else. Authenticity is not about being happy all the time or about being seen to be happy. And it’s not about being right or wrong or in control. Authenticity is acknowledging what is real for you at a given moment and embracing that, even when it feels uncomfortable.