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Success story: Company and employee collaborate during reintegration after burnout

Hi there,

Did you know that in the Netherlands 1.000.000 employees suffer from Burn-out Complaints? This is a concerning rate and that's why I decided to integrate the collaboration between the employer and the employee who suffers from burn-out complaints or Burn-out in the trayectory.

Since 2013 I help international women in the Netherlands recover from Burn-out. They knock on my door for guidance and they all recovered. BUT, what I saw was that the relationship with the employer was broken during the process and many left the workplace within a year.

I am a strong believer that Burn-out is a joint responsibility, from employer and employee. And that when both are taking the responsibility to do what is necessary to facilitate the recovery of a burn-out that an employee can re-integrate successfully in their previous role AND apply the learnings from burn-out to grow as an authentic leader.