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Cultivating your natural qualities and live with less stress

Hi there,

Many people feel pressure and stress in their lives and at work. Currently we have to juggle many balls in the air to "manage" our lives. We get stressed by that but also because we expect also very much from ourselves. So how  to live and work in a more relaxed an heartful way? 

Transformation into a more authentic version of yourself
My answer to that is changing our attitude. But how to do that? First of all: Do not change, but transform. You do need need to change into somebody else. My idea of transformation is to become a more  real and authentic version of yourself. So how to transform? First we need to get to know ourselves a little bit more. Become more conscious about how we react to situations that cause us stress. This way we get insight in our "survival mechanisms" that we have developed in our lives uncounssiously to deal with stressful and hurtful situations. To get insight in the dynamics of this I always work with the model of Daniel Ofman "The core quadrant". 

Posted on July 2, 2015 .