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Authentic Conversations: burn-out recovery journey by Fabiola

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In this series of Authentic Conversations around burn-out , my clients share their recovery journey openly with the world. The intention with this blog series is to create awareness and understanding around burn-out and chronic stress. The stories invite to inspire others to be brave, challenge their beliefs and speak up on their needs to avoid burnout and other stress related outcomes.

Below you can read the story from Fabiola.

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Guestblog from Shay: Here's What No One Tells You about Nutrition for Burnout

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As you might know, from this year I am formalizing my professional network with the people I am collaborating with behind the scenes. I am working together with Shay Klomp-Bueters, an integrative nutritionist who has her own practice called Contagiously Healthy. She works with clients of mine who have challenges where the right food consumption is key to tackle them.

She has been suffering from burn-out a while ago and she focussed, amongst other things, on food to restore the broken balance within herself. In this blog you can read her advice on what to eat or not to eat while you are recovering from burn-out. 

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What is a burn-out and how to prevent it from happening

7 years ago when I returned from my pregnancy leave to my workplace everything seemed fine the first weeks. After a while i did not recognize my `professional me` as at the end of the workday I forgot what I had been doing in the morning. I noticed that I found it difficult to focus and I was much more emotional than I used to be.

I thought that it was due to breastfeeding of my baby of 5 months old, the sleep deprivation and the hormones that were still running through my body as I was still in this post- recovery phase.

So I did not pay much attention to it, accepted it and mentioned it to my manager and we both expected that it would pass by. She seemed to understand it so i just went on and tried the best out it.

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