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Taking your needs serious to define your authentic career path

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Today I would like to talk about some aspects which are important to consider when we wish to create an aligned career. It is necessary to write about it, because I see many people and especially women trapped in a role or career that does not align with what they find important in their phase of their lives. 

Always believe in yourself and your dreams

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I normally never write about political events. But last week, Wednesday the 9th of November 2016, something special and extraordinary happened. I felt an urge to express my thoughts and feelings with you because I felt touched as a woman, and especially as a woman that values connection, compassion, inclusion, collaboration, consciousness and respect.

7 Steps to embody your authentic career path

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If you are looking for a job in the Netherlands it is important to develop skills to find it. As an international female professional  you can find some difficulties if you are not aware of the cultural Dutch standards in the job hunting process. The job market is changing and Dutch companies are looking for employees and manaders who add value to their business and can find solutions for their challenges.

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