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Where to say yes to in the New Year

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How are you doing during these January days?  The topic I want to talk with you about is: "Where do you say yes to in the New Year", as it is the month of new beginnings, intentions and goal setting.

A few years back, I started with intentions like: "I want to create balance and wellbeing."  And "I want to stay fit and healthy to keep myself cancer free".  Thus, I started to train with a specialized cancer physiotherapist and went to see a nutritionist. So far so good. The first 9 months of that year the intentions gave me focus and a sense of: I am doing the right things to keep myself fit and healthy.

The power of vulnerability and being bold about it

Hi there,

A few days ago I had my three month check up with my oncologist. At these check-ups my doctor looks at my blood to see if I am still cancer free. So every three months I go to the same hospital as were I was in april 2015 for 10 days.

Those 10 days were the most intense, powerful days of my then 38 years of existence. From the moment I heard I had cancer, I started to transform naturally in a sense of being where trust, vulnerability, ease and connectivity were present.

That experience gave me such inner strength and empowerment to go through the journey of western medicine. Being exposed to 8 chemo and immunotherapy treatments and 6 month blood thinner, antibiotics and Prednisolon intake. The transformation was an ingredient to be able to go through the western cures.  In another blogpost I would like to write more about the effects of these medicine but not now.

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My top 3 books to read during winter time

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December has started, one of those months where I prefer to go to a quiet place to read. Do not get me wrong, I love Sinterklaas, Christmas and celebrating the New Year. But If I would follow my instinct, I would flee from the hectic and crazy busyness of this month, to a cabin in nature for a week. To spend time surrounded by trees, silence and read books.

For now, practically not possible to flee to a cabin, thus my second best option is to go to bed earlier and put my phone on flight mode to avoid distractions from outside and dive into a book in my own house to keep busyness low in the evenings and get indulged by new stories or learnings.

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