Design Your Vital Life and Career

Do you feel often exhausted and overwhelmed? Do you have physical complaints like back-, neck- or headaches? You find it hard to concentrate or you forget a lot lately? Or you feel agitated and not able to relax?

If you have responded to these questions with a yes it might be that you are suffering from burn-out symptoms.

Our daily life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. Stress isn’t always bad. For many women, stress is so normal that it has become a way of life. In small doses, it can help you perform under pressure and motivate you to do your best.  But when you’re constantly running in emergency mode, your mind and body pay the price.

Then it becomes chronic stress and that has a negative effect on you on a physical, emotional, behavioural and cognitive level. You feel overwhelmed, have a low energy level and you keep running in a vicious circle.

Create vitality through alignment of body, mind and soul

When we suffer from burn-out symptoms or burn-out, our body is not able to recover itself anymore. we are suffering from chronic stress. This is when we have been asking our bodies too much without offering it time to recover. In chronic stress state the body has created a physical disruption with the effect that the ability of recovery is lost.

Our bodies have given us many signals during this process of asking too much of ourselves during a long period of time. It can be years that you have been asking more of your body without giving it recovery or recharge time. 

We have been pushing ourselves without taking a break. We lost touch with what our bodies have been saying, mostly because we are so wired up in what our minds are saying to us. We have been ignoring the needs of our bodies and we experience the burn-out symptoms on a  physical, cognitive, psychological and behavioral level.

Who am I

Eva Visser Plaza Authentic Leadership coach .jpg

I am Eva Visser Plaza, mother of two boys  and I guide, ambitious, intuitive, sensitive, international and highly educated  women like you that wish to create a life and career that really nourishes and has purpose.

I have worked in different industries and roles for over 15 years and I've successfully built my holistic coaching practice in the last 5 years. Where I combine east en west approaches and philosophies, the body with the mind to help my clients create an aligned creative life with ease, purpose and flow.  You can read more about me here.

My Soulful Burn-out & Stress recovery approach

Working on a program with me, we will start first to re-connect with your body. A body in Burn-out is disrupted physiologically. We first need to turn that around. That's why we will start by creating body awareness to start to listen to it and to be able to interpret what your body needs.

We will work with bodywork to develop your body awareness and work on the right activities to help your body heal. 

When you In this program you will not only learn how to recover from the chronic stress, but also how to develop healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress in a different way on the long term. Life will always be full of challenges, but we need to learn how to deal with them in a healthier way.

You can expect to dive deep to transform the way you believe things need to be and transform your beliefs in a way that you start to feel more at ease with confidence, even in challenging times. 

This program is for:

  • Women with young kids that are facing chronic stress and see the importance of aligning their bodies with their minds to be able to recover from burn-out (symptoms).
  • Women at executive level that are not in a phase of burn-out, but feel severe stress signals and wish to learn vital coping mechanisms to create a vital life or career by themselves.
  • Women who have their own business and experience severe stress complaints, who run their business by working hard and wish to create a healthy life style where their business is part of their life instead of the center of their life. 

This program is not for:

  • Women that are not open to mindfulness, bodywork and meditation. 
  • Women that feel that want to change something in themselves but do not commit to do the work themselves
  • Women that want quick fixes and are in a hurry to recover from burn-out

These are the topics we work on:

  • Explore and discover nourishing resources to be able to heal and recover from your current burn-out complaints to be able to connect with yourself again.
  • Become aware of unconscious dynamics that caused the chronic stress state you find yourself in and receive tools to be able to transform not helpful mechanisms in helpful ones.
  • Creating body awareness to be able to listen to the signs of your body and translate that into needs you will need to meet in order to create a life based on ease, fulfillment and joyful flow where stress is offering a healthy situation to thrive instead of being in survival mode.
  •  Create alignment in your thinking, feeling and being to be able to take healthy actions in your life.
  • Reconnect with your authentic source and re-discover your intuition and inner wisdom
  • Create healthy boundaries and communicate them to your environmen

How does that work in practice? 

We will start by having our  intake call to get to know each other and see if we are a match. ( free or charge) When we are a match we will continue with having an online Stress test. This to see where you are in the chronic stress scale. This will take a financial investment on your part. This is 97,- euro. When you follow a program, the amount will be deducted from the total amount of the program.

When we have defined where you are on the chronic stress scale we define the length of the program. That can either be a 3 month or a 6 month program. 

3 month program

6 month Program

  • 5 1-1 sessions (face to face or online)
  • Online workbook with exercises to recover from Burn-out
  • Online support between sessions quick questions, problem solving and breakthrough celebrations.
  • 10 1-1 sessions (face to face or online)
  • Online workbook with exercises to recover from Burn-out
  • Online support between sessions quick questions, problem solving and breakthrough celebrations.

Financial Investment

997,- euro ex. BTW/VAT

Financial Investment

1997,- euro ex. BTW/VAT

Payment plans are available. Paying in full has its benefits though, namely that you pay less. 

RESULTS:Based on what other clients have experienced you can expect:

  • You are recovered from your burn-out complaints and you feel aligned
  • You know how to set priorities and you are able to take autonomous decisions and choices
  • You can take care of your own well-being independently in your life
  • You have gained insight in the causes of your stress symptoms and you have gained skills to deal with stress in a sustainable way
  • You know what creates fulfillment and alignment in your life
  • You act in an independent way and you are able to influence your outside world by having gained new communication and influencing skills.  

    The above mentioned results depend on the client. Clients have reached these results, but only because they have done the work themselves. 

Ready to get started? 

When you feel that this coaching program resonates with you, we first make sure that this program is the right fit for you. that's why I ask you to fill in first the intake form to be sure that this program helps you create the results you want. When I have received your intake form, I will contact you for a chat to get to know each other to see if we are the right fit.


" Following this burn-out and stress recovery program has given me my life back, so I can only say great things about it. I have learned to become much more self-aware, I am able to manage my energy levels and my energy levels are back to normal now. I know what are stressful situations and people and  I step away from it. I now realize why I do things and I have learned what is not good for me and I choose not to allow that in my life. "

Matty Touray


“I met Eva when I was at a crossroads, feeling very lost and incapable of moving forward. Eva accompanied me, always providing support, asking questions, helping me stay true to myself. Thanks to her, and the hard work we did together, I now have a job that gives me energy; I have learnt to listen to myself, to my body and my feelings; to recognise early signs of stress and to deal with them." 

Elisa Matas

" I heard of Eva while going through a burn out. Three years of being a single, more than full time working, living abroad with no family and being a mother of two had led my body in one big strike (it's a french body after all): I stopped sleeping at ALL, went from anxiety crisis to another sleepless night, was ashamed of myself and felt like a total failure to my kids, my work, and mostly myself.

And then I met Eva. Eva told me that maybe it was darn time to listen to what my body had to say. Eva taught me and guided me into listening what my body had to say. Eva helped me realizing who I really was, what my core qualities were, and yeah, my defaults too.

Eva helped me draw the pictures of my beliefs, a picture of myself and be at peace with it. Sometimes it takes a very special person to abandon yourself, to open the jars of your fears and pains you kept closed for so many years. Eva's warm and empathetic presence made her my person to do that work. And I dropped those heavy suitcases of fears and pain and for the first time in my life if could look in a mirror and say to myself: you are doing a good job girl, no need to be superwoman anymore.

That may sound a little bit like an over statement but to me it is really what it was: the work with Eva has rocked my life upside down, it gave me the peace and confidence I could never find on my own the last 20 years. And that is one big present to be given by someone." 

Marianne Delphin