Burn-out recovery coaching

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Do you recognize that your team member or employee is suffering from one or more of the following symptoms?

  • Has visible stress symptoms

  • Finds it hard to say no

  • Is driven and ambitious

  • Is a perfectionist

  • Works long hours

  • Has a high sense of responsibility

  • Finds it hard to disconnect from work

  • Does not seem to be happy at work

Or perhaps your employee is on sick-leave and you do not know how to get her back to work?, but you have no clue in how to guide in an effective way to create a successful work resumption?

Eva guides your employee to be able to recover from stress and burn-out.  She offers customised coaching to the employee and advices and guides the involved parties.

Together with the employee the focus of the guidance is to recover the body and mind, gaining self-awareness and insight to be able to create personal leadership skills to regulate long term wellbeing at work.

These ingredients help the employee get a grip grip on the life and work situation and develop healthy behaviour. Eva works with an integrative approach using tools and techniques to create a holistic solution. Keeping in mind that the body needs to recover first to then be able to work with the mind. Both elements are addressed to create a transformational change to enable a vital recovery and long term sustainable employability.

During a program, Eva works together with the different parties who are involved like the Arbo doctor, HR, the manager and colleagues to create clarity and transparency and reduce the negative side effects of an employee who suffers from stress or burn-out. In the coaching programs the manager has an active role and will always be involved and informed during the process.

Read the following succes story of a manager and employee who did a Burn-out Recovery and Reintegration Program with  me.

Because of the collaboration between the employer, employee and me,  the employee was able to reintegrate in her previous role in a calmer, autonomous way where she applied the developed personal leadership skills.
Read more here.

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Client Succes Stories

I was running, running fast and burning a lot of energy. Although, I could be still effective in my daily work and with people, you can’t keep that pace forever, especially with the performance pressure we put on ourselves. During the coaching trajectory, Eva taught me tools to ground myself when I need to - slow myself down, and give myself permission to say ‘No’, and not let guilt affect me. I am managing better to not put the worlds problems on my shoulders.
— Erin Muldoon, VP Human Resources @ Stryker Europe

When you suffer from a burn out or if you have any other problems, Eva is really a down to earth coach, that will show you and let you feel how you can really change yourself into a more calmer version of yourself. Also the ‘body work’ she is doing is amazing re-freshing/ eye opening and can’t be compared with any massage you’ve ever had before.

I always go home with a total new sight on myself and my self destroying patterns, it feels really good and comforting that everybody can stop their own suffering, but you just have to dare to open your eyes for it. My recommendation is to be brave and take the first step and Eva will guide you to the new you!
— Fabiola de Boer, G-Star


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