Eva Authentic Living helps international companies and organizations in the Netherlands and Europe create wellbeing and vitality at the workplace for employees to thrive in a natural way to meet the business goals. 

What I do for you to help your organization foster health & wellbeing to create a sustainable, comfortable workplace

Lunch and Learn Session Stress Awareness

These sessions are 60 minutes organized at the company where we talk about stress and burn-out prevention at the workplace in a light, relaxed way. 

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Mindfulness sessions for Business Events

These sessions are interactive joyful mindfulness sessions  at business events to create joy, calm, awareness and connection amongst the participants.

Burn-Out Recovery & Reintegration

This service offers guidance for both managers and employees to create a smooth, aligned work resumption while recovering from burn-out.

Personal Authentic Leadership

This service helps managers and professionals to be at the steering wheel at their work and life to be more effective and create wellbeing and purpose.


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