Let's talk about Burn-out

There are currently 1.000.000 employees in the Netherlands suffering from burn-out complaints and are at risk to have a burn-out. As my mission is to help women and men in their most challenging period of their lives (between their thirties and forties) to create a soulful life and career. This project, Let's talk about Burn-out is very aligned with that mission.  We need to educate and share the knowledge and skills to help people and companies to reduce these numbers to create wellbeing at our workplace and thus in our lives.

From the 13th until the 17th of November the Dutch Work Stress week takes place. Various companies and experts focus their attention to educate the workforce to inform about what is stress and what to do about it to reduce it. 

During this week I share my knowledge and expertise every day around 9 o' clock in Facebook live sessions on my Facebook page.  You can access these sessions and attend live, or you can watch the recordings here.

Breaking with shame and stigma

In the e-book "Let's talk about  Burn-out" you can read my personal story, as my journey towards more alignment with in myself and in my life started with a burn-out in 2010. I followed trainings to become an expert on this topic to help others prevent and recover from it and become authentic leaders for themselves and others around them. We need to break the shame, prejudice and stigma around burn-out to be able to prevent it from happening. This e-book version goes with a special bonus. A list of tips to manage your stress levels during your day.
I share them with you this week on Facebook live  around 9 am each morning and I gather them all in this list and send it out to you by the end of this week.