Client Succes Stories

“I was running, running fast and burning a lot of energy. Although, I could be still effective in my daily work and with people, you can't keep that pace forever, especially with the performance pressure we put on ourselves. Now I have the tools to ground myself when I need to slow myself down, and give myself permission to say 'No', and not feel guilt (well, most of the time:). And try not to put the worlds problems on my shoulders.” I live most more in coherence with my core values instead of what is being expected of me. I feel much more freedom to act and lead from my authenticity.”

Erin Muldoon, VP of Human Resources, Europe at Stryker
Followed the female leadership coaching program


At the start of the programme I was experiencing physical symptoms of chronic stress following a year of change management, working across two senior roles and with the addition of some complex personal circumstances. By the end of the coaching I'm back to 'normal' with a heightened awareness of my values, qualities and pitfalls and how I'd like to utilise my female leadership skills in a more impactful way. A bonus of this was that I didn't need to take any time off work, only gain tools to be able to manage and regulate myself and work with my environment in a more effective way. I've only got positive things to say about Eva and her female leadership coaching program and I know many other women would benefit from her knowledge and insightful programs. 

Lisa Benoist, Global Agency Services Manager at
Followed the female leadership coaching program

Jennifer Kennedy.jpg

The insights you have given me and the way in which you have been able to steer me, in the search for my motives and peculiarities will always stay with me. It is as if the revelations about myself and the conversations we have had, are whispering to me every day. They remind me of the connection I have with myself. The feeling that you have been able to assist me, I experience as a deep connection that I do not want to let go. And I do not have to. You will always be with me. Thank you, dear Eva. For your beautiful intuition. What a gift. I feel the connection with myself again and grounded with the feet on earth which supports me always.

Jennifer Kennedy, Art Director
Followed the Burn-out recovery program


Working with Eva has set me on a path to focusing on myself amidst the noise of life today. I'm learning daily what my boundaries are, to say no when something isn't right for me, to check-in with my body and what it's telling me throughout the day, and to generally slow the pace and chaos that I had cultivated in my life. I genuinely believe that this journey has helped me start to recover from my chronic stress and the true authentic me is coming more to light.

Lacy Surber, Principle Consultant at Salesforce
Followed the burn-out recovery and female leadership program

define my next steps in my career after my burn-out.jpg

'I have followed a coaching program with Eva to define my next steps in my career after my burn-out. Eva’s career coaching has helped me to pick up all the pieces again and give me a new confidence and self-worth. Her warm, engaging and nurturing nature has encouraged me to look inside myself, back to who I used to be, to bring forward my best qualities and to help me shine. I now have a far deeper understanding of who I am and what makes me tick and I will bring this new-found knowledge into my future career. Eva’s coaching has helped me to bury my fears and to move forward in a fresh direction while being the best possible version of myself."

Claire Mingay, International Executive Personal Assistant
Followed the Authentic Career Design program

"As a fellow practitioner I appreciate the depth of Eva's work with clients. Working with Eva can be truly transformative. She does not take over or fixes your problems for you. Instead she guides you to your own insights and solutions. That way I have discovered yet more treasures in my heart and in my body."

Irene Koole, Small business entrepreneur
Followed the female leadership program

balance between body and mind

 "I took a leap and invested in myself by scheduling in a rebalancing bodywork therapy session with Eva. I honestly did not even know exactly what it was, but I knew it was a means to find more balance between the body and the mind. This balance is something I have been struggling with since I experienced at an early age the dark side of a society that disrespects girls and women’s bodies.

After a chat about my situation, we then moved on to the body work. What happened then was more than a massage. It was a powerful combination of massage work and coaching. It opened up channels of awareness about the “voice” of my body.

Because of this session, because of Eva, I was able to release that core joyful spirit of myself, embrace it, and embody it fearlessly again. Eva has an invaluable, priceless gift that she holds literally in her hands and in her heart."  
Sara Bobkoff, Small Business entrepreneur
Followed a clarity guidance session

burn-out recovery coaching program

"Following the burn-out recovery coaching program has given me my life back, so I can only say great things about it. I have learned to become much more self-aware, I am able to manage my energy levels and my energy levels are back to normal now. I know what are stressful situations and people and  I step away from it. I now realize why I do things and I have learned what is not good for me and I choose not to allow that in my life."

Matty Touray, Small Business Entrepreneur
Followed the burn-out recovery program

connection between body and mind

 "I received the BEST gift this last Mother's Day (other then my 2 kiddos of course!) with a full body massage from the wonderful Eva to help unhook from busyness! My time with Eva was very relaxing and comfortable. Eva was gentle but firm and I was surprised to feel some tenderness and pain in areas I hadn't realized before! I hadn't given too much thought or attention to the details Eva included in her information on how I could look forward to feeling afterwards, but when I checked in with myself sitting in the car I had a feeling of "being home again" within my body, a release of stress I had been holding on to and felt more grounded. I could breathe easier and slept deeper that evening! And when I looked back over the information, these were the EXACT things Eva had said I would feel! She was amazing and spot on! Even a week after I could feel the lovely effects! I highly recommend Eva for connection between  your mind with your body!" 

Melody Rae, Small Business entrepreneur
Followed a clarity guidance session

"During a Rebalancing Bodywork session I reconnected with my body for the first time after the stress of last year. I didnt realize how much tension and heaviness I have with my left side (where I had my lumpectomy) and the feelings of betrayal surfaced. I am still processing all the thoughts and emotions but I am so grateful for what the Rebalancing session has given to me. So for those mommies who are undergoing some heaviness i would recommend the Rebalancing Bodywork sessions that Eva gives."                             

Lana Jelenjev, Small business owner
Followed a clarity guidance session

Design Your Authentic Career Path

"When I did the summer course Design Your Authentic Career Path, I was actually not unhappy, suffering a burn-out or in crisis, but something just seemed to be... missing. Was I living my life as fully as I could? Was I using my gifts and talents? Was I even aware what they were? You don't have to be in crisis mode to admit that you could use a little inner tune-up. For me, this niggling feeling of not living up to my potential was what drove me to seek and find a women-centred workshop where I could really ask myself what I wanted, what I was truly good at and how I wanted my life to look. It's something everyone can benefit from whether stuck and unhappy or just wondering, "is this it?". After making some helpful discoveries about myself, I also ended rediscovering an old dream I had buried because of crippling self-doubt and insecurity. I am now working serenely towards that dream with no pressure and no unrealistic expectations." 

Gihan Hassanein, Freelance Communications Consultant
Followed the Authentic Career Design program

burn-out recovery coaching program

"I heard of Eva while going through a burn out. Three years of being a single, more than full time working, living abroad with no family and being a mother of two had led my body in one big stir.  I stopped sleeping at ALL, went from anxiety crisis to another sleepless night, was ashamed of myself and felt like a total failure to my kids, my work, and mostly myself.

And then I met Eva. Eva told me that maybe it was darn time to listen to what my body had to say. I followed the burn-out recovery coaching program where she taught me and guided me into listening what my body had to say. Eva helped me realizing who I really was, what my core qualities were, and yeah, my defaults too.

Eva helped me draw the pictures of my beliefs, a picture of myself and be at peace with it. Sometimes it takes a very special person to abandon yourself, to open the jars of your fears and pains you kept closed for so many years. Eva's warm and empathetic presence made her my person to do that work. And I dropped those heavy suitcases of fears and pain and for the first time in my life if could look in a mirror and say to myself: you are doing a good job girl, no need to be superwoman anymore.

That may sound a little bit like an over statement but to me it is really what it was: the work with Eva has rocked my life upside down, it gave me the peace and confidence I could never find on my own the last 20 years. And that is one big present to be given by someone.” 

Marianne Delphin, Software Development Manager at Dicentra
Followed the female leadership coaching program

connection body mind and soul.jpg

"I followed the female leadership coaching program. I came to Eva without a specific challenge in mind. But deep down I knew I was off center, that I had lost the connection between body, mind and soul. I love the combination of talk and DO, of mind and body-work. For anyone who is feeling "off" but not in need of a deep analysis, for those who wish to solve stuff by action, working with Eva is the way to go. The effects of the program are that I got rid of a terrible lower back pain, that the physiotherapist could not cure. I am sleeping better. I feel less stress about my business future and I now dare  daring to trust in the flow of life."

Sandra ten Hoope Rios Vital, Corporate Governance & Compliance Lawyer
Followed the female leadership coaching program

define next steps in career after burn-out

“I met Eva when I was at a crossroads, feeling very lost and incapable of moving forward. Eva accompanied me during the burn-out recovery program and she helped me define my next steps after recovering from burn-out.  Always providing support, asking questions, helping me stay true to myself. Thanks to her, and the hard work we did together, I now have a job that gives me energy; I have learnt to listen to myself, to my body and my feelings; to recognise early signs of stress and to deal with them." 

Elisa Matas Moreno, Hr Officer
Followed the Burn-out recovery and the Authentic career design program

personal coaching defining strenghts.jpg

" I had a personal coaching session with Eva to define my strenghts. I feel nourished after just one session with Eva. She helped me find a strength I didn't even realize I had. I feel lighter and less overwhelmed. I feel empowered and more confident. The transformation was internal but had immediate effect on my everyday life. Thank you!" 

Niina Nuottamo, Medical Writer, learning experience designer
Followed the authentic career design coaching program


balance in career

"Eva has shown me during the embody your authentic career path coaching program ways to discover beautiful things about myself that I wasn't aware. She has taught me how to find the balance in situations that normally leaded me into anxiety and negativism, and has given me the tools for being more loving and caring with myself. Her sessions are the perfect combination of an internal and spiritual work and a practical and hands-on career search. I ALWAYS leave her studio with a big smile in my face. Thanks Eva!" 

Lorena Mira, Country Manager
Followed the authentic career design coaching program