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Hi, I am Eva, founder of Eva Authentic Living. A 5 year old boutique holistic coaching practice for internationally minded women seeking to fulfill their personal female leadership potential in their life and work.

I am specialized in personal authentic female leadership, burn-out recovery and authentic career design

My mission and values
My mission is to facilitate a generation of brave women who have the courage to reinvent the traditional examples of authentic leadership. Who dare to create a new paradigm, more inclusive, authentic and emotionally intelligent to change our current business culture and society for the better.

I believe that women who are working hard  have success due to their well created armours. This armour gets in the way at some point in life to grow as an authentic human being. 

In my work, I invite women to become aware of their armour and get in touch and welcome with what is more true and authentic within them. 

I also invite women to revalue their feminine energy qualities. This is what I call empowerment from within. The effect of embracing both our true self and the feminine qualities is that we experience calm, purpose and connection.  I believe that when we integrate and embody intuition, connection, collaboration and sensitivity in our leadership style we create an inspired and connected life. From that place we empower other

I use a holistic, integrative philosophy aligning mind, body and soul and co-create with my clients valuable, sustainable solutions for their challenges. I believe in bespoke and customized work as every woman is unique and needs an aligned approach to address her challenges in an authentic way.

If you would like to know about my education, experience and skills have a look here.

Working international
I grew up as a daughter of a Spanish mother and Dutch father. Due to this background I have developed an international perspective. In a past life I studied Spanish language and literature and I loved connecting wit international people. That’s why I work since the start of my coaching business in English, Spanish and Dutch. I believe that people have to be coached in their mother tongue for a transformative effect.

When you are curious and you would like to discover if working together on your challenges feels right, then let’s have a chat.


Education and Certification

  • Certified Rebalancing Bodywork Therapist since 2013.

  • Certified Stress Coach and partner of Centrum for Stress Syndrome since 2016. (www.csrcentrum.com)

  • Assisted different holistic courses and masterclasses around trauma healing

  • Certified Talent Management Asessment facilitator 2019

  • Following a one year course in family constellations and trauma healing 2019-2020

Everybody has their personal story and drivers to do this type of work. You can read my personal journey by clicking on the button below.