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Hi Lovely,  

I am Eva, the face behind Eva Authentic Living, my holistic international coaching and bodywork practice. Where I guide sensitive and intuitive women and men that wish to create purpose, ease and flow in their lives. 

Many women and men feel that they are living a life that is not fulfilling and aligned at the moment. Others feel that their workplace does not match because their values, soul qualities and experience are not appreciated.

You are one of many that wish to create a more aligned life. The female energy is currently rising and invites many of us to do things differently to create alignment within ourselves. This transformation can feel uncomfortable because it causes confusion. Because how to create that alignment? How to get connected with your nature, your authenticity, and the feminine energy?

That's where I can offer a facilitating eye, ear and hand. I went through this transformation of creating alignment 8 years ago where I felt completely unaligned as in emptiness, a feeling of is this all? A burn-out invited me to change drastically how I approached and created my life on a daily basis.

My personal story


During several moments in my life I felt challenged and needed to step our of my comfort zone. I have lived and worked abroad in my twenties. I faced  a burn-out after my first child in my thirties and when I was 39, I was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. These life events have been the most powerful learning experiences that invited me to reevaluate my life and go to the core and essence of myself and build up my life from that place. 

The burn-out in 2010 was an invitation to transform my attitude and shift to another way of thinking, feeling and being. To shift to a place where I resonate with my body. To be able to heal from burn-out, I followed the three year training of becoming a Rebalancing Bodywork Therapist to create a more heart-centered and soulful life and career. For me the skills and knowledge I learned during this training,  have helped me to hold space for the most challenging event during my life so far: healing from cancer.

April 2015, I started my journey in healing from cancer. I experienced deeply how everything that I learned so far in my profession as a Coach and Rebalancer helped me to navigate from fear to trust.
Cancer is an incredible learning experience as I felt that it gave me the opportunity to go beyond everything that I was living. 

I was aligned with my body but now also with my soul. I was able to enhance my skills, qualities and experience in this journey and I healed from it until today.  It gave me the inner strength and resilience to be able to deal with the uncertainty that life is offering us. 

This experience has helped me realize that my ultimate contribution for others is to guide women and men to align their minds with their bodies and souls. Inviting them to align their minds with their bodies. Where we can start to experience a consciousness beyond mind and thoughts. When we are aligned with our soul we experience joy, flow and purpose. When we are aligned with soul there is a natural confidence and ease where you feel connected. 

I started my practice in 2013, where I mainly guided international, sensitive, intuitive and creative  women in allowing themselves to reconnect with their bodies, with the voice of their soul. To enable them to create a life with ease, purpose and contribution. Only from alignment we can create a fulfilling life where you can allow yourself to be the authentic you.  I believe that from that place we can live our life to the fullest. As
Life is there to be lived in all it's colours and shades and we decide how we react upon it. With fear or trust.

Since 2016 in a very natural way men are knocking on my door. If you are a man and you feel you would love to align your mind with your heart and soul, feel welcome to connect with me to see if my work resonates with you. 

You decide which path you choose.


I offer a pragmatic approach, aligning the mind with the body and the soul. The thinking with the feeling and something beyond that. The inner voice with the outside world. I use therefore a holistic form of bodywork therapy, which brings people back into harmony with themselves, so they can live a centered and grounded life with alignment, ease, purpose and joy.

Besides that I use coaching methods to combine the ability to feel through bodywork, with pragmatic, mental hands-on tools so that you connect with your true self and have the tools to take action. To make your soul dreams and longings come true in your life.

Women and men contact me when they find themselves stuck in their career and when there needs to be done some inner work to transform to be able to take the right steps to create an aligned career.  I have worked also with women and men when they are starting a healing business and they feel too scared to make themselves visible. Or when they  face a period of chronic stress that is  overwhelming for them or when they feel completely disconnected from their own bodies and see that they wish to reconnect with themselves again. 

I help them reconnect with their inner compass, their heart and soul to show them to live a life they are designed for.

I am a good fit for those that are looking for a non-mental or rational approach. As I go beyond those layers in my work to help you rediscover that there is so much more wisdom then our rational thinking.

I am a certified Rebalancing® Bodyworker and certified Stress Coach and follow the CSR-center approach.
I like to develop myself and I have followed several bodywork masterclasses after my bodywork training. This year I will follow some courses in Shamanism to specialize in soul retrieval.

I support clients in three different languages: English, Spanish and Dutch. For me Spanish and Dutch are my mother languages.


Does my story resonate with you?
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