About Eva

 I am Eva, founder of  Eva Authentic Living, a  holistic international coaching and consultancy practice. 

I see it as my professional mission to help companies create places of wellbeing and guide the female leaders to become authentic and purposeful creating an environment where people can thrive in a natural way.

In the past 5 years I have specialized in guiding 1-1 female business leaders and managers to take care of themselves and help them focus on what they find important in their lives to embody an authentic leadership style to inspire others to do the same. 

Our business world is in a crisis, our society is in a crisis. Currently 1.200.000 people are suffering from burn-out complaints and it has an epidemic form. With my experience I wish to reduce that number by changing the current work culture. A culture where purpose, slowing down, natural leadership are hard to find and so necessary. 

It is time for change and that's why I wish to bring my experience, knowledge, skills and qualities to this current challenge: create authentic wellbeing at the workplace where people can be themselves and do not need to over perform to prove that they are good enough. 
My specialities are: 

  • Authentic Leadership Coaching
  • Burn-out and stress prevention and recovery Coaching and Training
  • Soul-centered career coaching and Training
  • Projectmanagement regarding Vitality and Wellbeing Program

If you would like to know about my educations, experience and skills have a look here.
I work in English, Spanish and Dutch. 

Feel free to contact me to chat about your challenges.

What has led me to to do this work? My personal story...

During several moments in my life I felt challenged and needed to step our of my comfort zone. I have lived and worked abroad in my twenties. I faced  a burn-out after my first child in my thirties and when I was 39, I was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. These life events have been the most powerful learning experiences that invited me to reevaluate my life and go to the core and essence of myself and build up my life from that place. 

The burn-out in 2010 was an invitation to transform my attitude and shift to another way of thinking, feeling and being. To shift to a place where I resonate with my body. To be able to heal from burn-out, I followed the three year training of becoming a Rebalancing Bodywork Therapist to create a more heart-centered and soulful life and career. For me the skills and knowledge I learned during this training,  have helped me to hold space for the most challenging event during my life so far: my journey through cancer.

April 2015, I started my journey in healing from cancer. I experienced deeply how everything that I learned so far in my profession as a Coach and Rebalancer helped me to navigate from fear to trust.
Cancer is an incredible learning experience as I felt that it gave me the opportunity to go beyond everything that I was living. 

I was aligned with my body and this experience invited me to connect with my soul.  I was able to enhance my skills, qualities and experience in this journey and I healed from it until today.  The journey through cancer gave me the inner strength and resilience to be able to deal with the uncertainty that life is offering us every day again.

This experience has helped me realize that my ultimate contribution for others is to guide companies create wellbeing at the workplace to take care of their human capital as it is necessary to cherish.

Life is there to be lived in all it's colours and shades and we decide how we react upon it. With fear or trust.