Female leadership retreat
To the outside world you’re  a woman in control. Maybe you are busy climbing the career ladder or growing your thriving small business. You have a full schedule lifestyle juggling the demands of work and home life. In every area of your life you are aiming to be the best you can be.

You know how to keep  all the balls in the air, and you look pretty good doing it. The problem is that keeping everything moving means you never feel you can switch off from all your responsibilities. You often feel that if just one of those balls drops, everything else will come crashing down.

In your rare quiet moments you have a sense that you are missing out on something. You’re not quite sure exactly what it is but it feels like working this hard at life should be bringing you  more purpose, more meaning, more joy, more something and you really wish you had the time to to create a life around that.

You know this in the quiet moments and yet you keep stalling it because everything else is so noisily demanding of your attention.

You feel you need more of the quiet moments so you can hear yourself think and feel your way to those next steps. But there is never enough time and the quiet moments are never long enough.

You need to hit pause on your life just for a little while to recalibrate  and set yourself back on course. I know you can’t do it alone. Which is why I have created that pause button for you.

An indulgent, luxurious female centred retreat which encourages calm, quiet reflection and exploration of your inner world  through your mind, body and soul. Which gives space to land into your body and listen to your inner wisdom helping you to take care your readjusted path.

In short this retreat is a beautiful opportunity for you to rest, refresh and realign.

Do not get me wrong. This leadership retreat is not a vacation, it is an investment in yourself as a woman and as a leader.  It is focussed towards facilitating you to create a life more true to you while you lead others. This retreat will help you focus on developing your female leadership skills through connection, exploration and reflection.  

The approach of this female leadership retreat is holistic and feminine. The body-mind approach helps you to experience and enhance your feminine qualities and balance your masculine qualities. Through practical exercises and facilitated reflection we will reconnect you to your intuition and co-create the blueprint for your next steps.

Who am I

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I am Eva Visser Plaza, founder of Eva Authentic Living and I guide, ambitious, intuitive, sensitive, curious, international and highly educated  female entrepreneurs, managers and leaders like you that wish to create a life and career which nourishes and has purpose. I have worked in different industries and roles for over 15 years and I've successfully built my holistic coaching practice in the last 5 years.

 I combine east en west approaches and philosophies, aligning the body with the mind, the practical with deep process guidance to help my clients create an aligned, creative and authentic life with ease, purpose and flow.  You can read more about me


  • 6 in person guidances

  • Online VIP access for support in between sessions. You have me as your dedicated, lovingly partner to support you in this process.

  • An online client environment with actionable exercises and resources which enhance the required transformation in your mind and body to create a nourishing career path

The investment of a 3 month guidance to align your career path is 2100,-  ex BTW.  

  • Payment plans are available. extra 8% will be charged. Max. 3 monthly payments

  • You can deduct the amount on you yearly tax income, meaning that you pay less tax.

  • It is also possible to use your outplacement or education budget from the company you work for to follow this program

  • As an entrepreneur you can deduct courses to develop your professional skills from your taxes.

How does that work in practice?  

When you feel that you have the time, energy and financial resources, I would like to invite you to fill in the intake form to start to identify your needs and challenges. When I have gone through the intake form I can see if I am the right person for you and I will invite you for an intake call to get to know each other better to see if we are a match. When you feel that we are a match, you will receive a proposal on paper after the intake call with the right topics we will work on.  In case I see we are not a match on paper, I will come back to you with references and other resources so that you will be helped through other people and means from a well trusted community. 

You can start the exploration phase of working together by filling in the button below and I will come back within two working days.

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If you would like to have a better idea what this service can bring you, read the story of a client of mine, who went through a deep transformation during a  4 month program resulting that her actions are now driven by passion instead of boredom. 
You can read her story here.


What Did other clients Experience?

"Eva is a very pleasant and authentic person to work with. She listens & asks good questions. She wants to understand from her heart how things are in your mind. The rebalancing sessions reinforce this and makes you go more into your body & the present and how & what you feel to understand why you feel like you do.

I would recommend her to anyone who seeks meaning to their lives and that are ready to start the search towards a vital & meaningful life."

Laura van Veen

"Few people have the opportunity to find such a good career coach. I have had the pleasure to have Eva as a career coach. Eva is determined, adaptable and a real professional, with a great human touch, very capable of helping you in your personal development. I highly recommend Eva as a career coach." 

Julia Modi Agterhuis

"Working with Eva was incredibly impactful.
It made me realize more deeply who I am and my life purpose. The experience has led me to create a life I love and find meaningful. I highly recommend working with Eva." 

Maria Powell


Nathalie Hobeica.jpg

"Eva's talents are many, but if I had to chose, I'd say kindness, joy and listening are her main qualities. I came into her practice wanting to quit my job, not really knowing what to do with my life, looking for a purpose.

During the progam, something had shifted inside of me: through her process, Eva helped me look into things from a completely different perspective, one that I didn't even know existed. I feel lighter and more secure with my choices. Thank you Eva!" 

Nathalie Hobeica

"When I did the nourishing career coaching group program, I was actually not unhappy, suffering a burn-out or in crisis, but something just seemed to be... missing. Was I living my life as fully as I could? Was I using my gifts and talents? Was I even aware what they were? You don't have to be in crisis mode to admit that you could use a little inner tune-up. For me, this niggling feeling of not living up to my potential was what drove me to seek and find a women-centred workshop where I could really ask myself what I wanted, what I was truly good at and how I wanted my life to look. It's something everyone can benefit from whether stuck and unhappy or just wondering, "is this it?". After making some helpful discoveries about myself, I also ended rediscovering an old dream I had buried because of crippling self-doubt and insecurity. I am now working serenely towards that dream with no pressure and no unrealistic expectations." 

Gihan Hassanein