Walk your heart-centered, soulful path

My work is about guiding women tO Align their mind, body and soul to be able to create a soul-centered life and career with ease, joy, purpose and contribution

I help sensitive, intuitive, internationally orientated and highly educated women like you that wish to create a life and career with purpose, flow, ease and joy. My work can be described as holistic where I align the mind with the body and soul to create a profound transformation. Our mind has wisdom but our bodies too and when you align that wisdom you are able to create a life more in tune with your needs, wishes and dreams.

I offer different services, all in the context of enabling women to become authentic and creative soulful actors in their lives. I offer 1 on 1 coaching, workshops and trainings, or I speak on events. When a woman starts believing in herself and acts from vulnerability and boldness both at the same time she creates connectivity, trust, ease and fulfillment in her life and work.


Hi, I am Eva, and I facilitate women to create a life and career with ease, flow and purpose. I am all about authenticity, soulfulness, clarity and results. I love spirituality but in a grounded, earthy way. I believe we are all spiritual beings in a human body with a purpose on earth.

In this exciting, changing era I offer tools, knowledge and experience where women are reinventing themselves to really empower themselves from within. We are currently changing our narrative by receiving the female energy that is creating a new form of acting and being.

I invite sensitive, intuitive women to believe in themselves, to help them ground by reconnecting with their home base. All women have an innate wisdom and intuitive ability. We just need to remember that again and create time to listen to our bodies and intuition to create lives that resonate with us. We need to create a world where we fit in with our qualities, knowledge and contribution.

If you would like to know more about me and why I am doing what I am doing click here.

Let's get started, how can I help you?

Rebalancing® Bodywork Therapy is an approach to restore the connection with your inner world and  your feelings.  The body is used as a doorway to the psyche and it brings awareness on your authentic, vital potential. Read more >>

This coaching program enables you to design a soul-centred career true to your heart.  It helps you to align with your soul to shine in your career and focusses on inner trans-formation to create what you wish in your professional life. Read more >>

This coaching program offers awareness and tools to know how to recover from burn-out and to be able to deal with your stress symptoms to feel vital and energetic again improving your wellbeing. Read more >>