Create Your Heart-centered, Nourishing Life

My work is for Ambitious, busy, intuitive, sensitive international women who wish to create a nourishing  life and career with purpose

I guide, ambitious, intuitive, sensitive, international and highly educated women like you that wish to create a life and career that really nourishes and has purpose.  I use a holistic approach where I align your mind with your body and soul to create a profound transformation to create a life more true to yourself. Our mind has wisdom but our bodies too and when you align that wisdom you are able to create a life more in tune with your needs.

My work is for the brave, for those who are ready to transform. I operate at my practice in Amsterdam face to face and in Europe and beyond, online. When you live in another place in the world, feel welcome to contact me as my services are also online available. 

When you feel that my work resonates with you, then I invite you to book your chemistry call. Only when we both feel that there is a spark between us, we will work together. As our connection is the foundation to create a beautiful transformational journey for you. Click on the button below to get in touch with me to experience if we are a team.



About Me

Hi, I am Eva. I love authenticity, soulfulness, clarity and results. I believe in spirituality but in a grounded, earthy way as I believe we are all spiritual beings in a human body with a purpose on earth.

In this exciting, changing era, I offer tools, knowledge and experience where women are reinventing themselves to really empower themselves from within. We are currently changing our narrative by receiving the female energy which invites us to  create a different way of acting and being. 

I invite women to believe in themselves, to help them ground by reconnecting with their home base. We all have an innate wisdom and intuitive ability. We just need to remember that again and create time to listen to our bodies and intuition to create lives from within and align that with the expectations of the outside world. 

When we do that we start to create a heart-centered world where we can florish with our authentic qualities and where we act as authentic heart-centered leaders.

Book Your unhook from Busyness session for a reduced rate until the 31st of January 2018

unhook from busyness for mothers.jpg

During the month of December, I offer this specially designed  inner silence-unhooking from your busyness bodywork session to help you unhook from your "to do list", the care of your child(ren), household, partner, friends and work. To get back to yourself and remember your inner natural female power.

This session helps you to start the year 2018 with a fresh perspective as it gives you a re-set. A good way to get yourself aligned for the new year!

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Starting from January 2018 Group Coaching program create your nourishing career

Eva Authentic Living honors and celebrates the natural learning process in a female tribe, where powerful transformations happen when women come together to support each other and navigate a new way forward in their lives. This group program is designed  to provide you with the tools, resources, support and transformational  mindset shifts that you will need to be able to create a career that nourishes you.

During this programme, we will be diving deep into discovering the work that truly nourishes you. Together we will be  mapping a life and career that aligns the unique strenghts and values that you can offer the world. 

“During the programme, something had shifted inside of me: through her process, Eva helped me look into things from a completely different perspective, one that I didn’t even know existed. I feel lighter and more secure with my choices.”
— Nathalie Hobeica, Global Nomad Fundraiser Advisor

Let's get started, how can I help you?

This coaching program enables you to design a soul-centred career true to your heart.  It helps you to align with your soul to shine in your career and focusses on inner trans-formation to create what you wish in your professional life. Read more >>

This coaching program offers awareness and tools to  recover from your chronic stress and helps you transform your attitude to create a life that is more in alignment with your wellbeing.Read more >>


Eva Authentic living is a holistic coaching practice that offers services for women who wish to create purpose, flow and connection in their lives. Based in Amsterdam, operating throughout Europe and beyond.