Lunch and Learn Session Stress Awareness

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Eva offers  lunch and learn sessions for organizations to talk about how to create wellbeing and vitality at the workplace. TNO, the Dutch Center for health assets has measured that at the moment 1.200.000 employees suffer from burn-out complaints in the Netherlands.

This number is too high and companies suffer from high costs and too many people are on sick leave, unproductive, unfocussed and not able to be creative or inspirational for themselves and for others. 

I believe that we need to address the root causes and take measures to lower this amount by education and awareness and this session creates a moment to identify them and to create solutions both on organizational level as on personal level.  Burn-out and stress is in my opinion a joint responsibility both for employee and company. 

I believe that when companies and employees are aware of the causes of stress and give the right focus and attention towards the solutions, you create a thriving and healthy work environment TOGETHER. A healthy work environment is a joint effort where employee and employer are both accountable for their wellbeing, productivity, inspiration and creativity to create a profitable business. 

Stress and Burn-out are many times symptoms of other things at the workplace which do not work smoothly. This session can create a start in having an open view and dialogue together to address the root causes of stress and burn-out. 

Practical Information

During the lunch and learn you can expect to:

  • Understand stress and burn-out and wat to do to prevent it at the workplace in a healthy way.
  • Identify the stress sources and what to do address it to create sustainable solutions on an organizational level
  • Do practical exercises to experience the effect of stress on you body and mind and receive practical exercises to cope with stress
  • Before the session we have an intake of 30 minutes to customize the session and address the challenges
  • A session is 60  minutes and held in-company.
  • The maximum of participants is 12 to keep it interactive and engaging.
  • Workshop is held in English or Dutch
  • Two versions available: for employees or for managers 
  • Customized workshops possible, fill in the form below to communicate your wishes. 

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