Reconnect with yourself through Your Body and Soul

Do you suffer from stress? Do you have physical complaints like back-, neck- or headaches? Would you like to learn how to worry less or overcome emotions like fear, anxiety or feeling depressed and increase your energy levels and bring more spontaneity and vitality in to your life?

We live in hectic insecure times and we face daily challenges having to “juggle all balls in the air” to combine our immediate responsibilities with our longer-term goals, that we do not realize that our lives are out of balance. Instead we experience psychological or physical complaints which we do not know how to handle like: Headache, insomnia,  fear, feeling down, anger, tension, neck-, shoulder- and backache, loneliness, feeling tired, pondering, lack of inner peace, apathy or lethargy etc.

What is Rebalancing® Bodywork Therapy?

Rebalancing® Bodywork Therapy is an approach to restore the alignment between your mind, body and soul. The body is used as a doorway to the psyche and it brings awareness of your authentic, vital potential.   It is a method that makes you aware of why your psycho-physical symptoms arise and how to deal in another way with the situation that causes these symptoms.

In Rebalancing® we restore the connection with your inner world by looking into what bothers you. We invite you to feel the anxiety or pain in your body because it is a signal that something needs to change. If these symptoms show up in your life, it creates the urgency to take care of yourself and invites you to be more involved in what happens inside you.

The effect of the bodywork techniques is that energy is set free because the body releases muscular rigidities. At the same time old and unconscious emotional and mental attitudes and patterns which imprison us, can come into our awareness. It gives you insight into the habit patterns and ideas that define and limit your attitude to life. The overall effect is that Rebalancing® brings you into contact again with your original power and zest for life and enables you to live life with more vitality, spontaneity and in a meaningful way.  

Investment: Single session is 90 minutes and is 150,- ex btw

RESULTS: AFTER A Program of 6 sessions YOU CAN EXPECT TO

  • Experience a grown ability of resilience to feel and deal with different feelings and experiences
  • Experience more grounding in yourself
  • Experiencing more presence (less in your head)
  • Awareness on how your psychological and physical complaints arose
  • Feel more spontaneity and vitality in your life.
  • Experience deep relaxation
  • Alignment with your mind, body and soul

What can you expect from working together THrough Rebalancing® bodywork therapy

In my experience Rebalancing Bodywork Therapy works best when you do a  series of sessions. The minimum I offer are 6 sessions in  a special designed program "Embody Your Soulful Life".

First we start with a free introduction call to see if Rebalancing Bodywork is something that fits your needs and your learning style.  Then I invite you for one individual session. If you feel that that resonates then we go for the program. The program is a customized program that fits the need and topics for each client.  

Experiences from clients

" I followed the full Re-balancing program of 6 sessions. I came to you without a specific challenge in mind. But deep down I knew I was off center, that I had lost the connection between body, mind and soul. I love the combination of talk and DO, of mind and body-work. For anyone who is feeling "off" but not in need of a deep analysis, for those who wish to solve stuff by action, working with Eva is the way to go. The effects of the program are that I got rid of a terrible lower back pain, that the physiotherapist could not cure. I am sleeping better. I feel less stress about my business future and I now dare  daring to trust in the flow of life."

Sandra ten Hoope Rios Vital

" I came to Eva for rebalancing bodywork, convinced I was on the verge of a burnout. Seven months into being a mother for a gorgeous but sleepless baby, running my own business and dealing with a rocky relationship, I was crying most days and feeling like the world was going to end quite regularly! 

After we talked it became clear, thank goodness, I wasn't at burnout - yet- but was definitely getting into the chronic stress space. A short breathing exercise later and I already felt a little better and knew that I had absolutely made the right choice.

By the time Eva had finished with the bodywork - wow, my mind was blown. In such short time I completely got back in touch with my body, understood how I was feeling and why, it was amazing. I'm still processing everything I learnt about myself!  I left feeling lighter, brighter and so much stronger. Highly recommend for anyone who feels lost or stressed out. I can't wait to return" 

Robyn Grafton

" My session with Eva left me calm and somehow lighter; her intuitive way of working and her knowledge and guidance throughout the session is incredible. A truly nurturing, wholesome and worthwhile experience." 

Natasha Martin