Re-design your life after cancer

You faced cancer treatments and you are declared cancer free and you feel that cannot go on with life that you have led before the diagnosis? You feel kind of lost in all of the feelings of sadness, anger, loneliness? You feel that you need to renew yourself but you do not know how?

More about this service coming soon. In case you cannot wait and you would like to know how I can help you in redesigning your life after cancer, feel free to contact me and we have a free 20 min discovery call.

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Rebalancing Bodywork Therapy

Rebalancing® Bodywork Therapy is an approach to restore the connection with your inner world and  your feelings.  The body is used as a doorway to the psyche and it brings awareness of your authentic, vital potential. Read more >>

Burn-out & Stress Coaching

This program offers awareness and tools to know how to recover and to be able to deal with your stress symptoms and to feel vital and energetic again improving your well being. Read more >>