Soulful Flow Session

Soulful Flow Session1.png

Eva Authentic Living has designed a special session to align your mind with your body.  This individual bodywork session helps you create presence, flow and ease in your body and mind which has a relaxed and recharged effect. Like going on a mini holiday where you disconnect from your busy mind. 


  • Experience a deep relaxation in your body and mind
  • Reconnect with your body and soul: reconnecting with your intuition, the voice of your soul
  • Feel more present in the here and now: a sense of "I am back"
  • Feel grounded and more connected with yourself on a deeper layer: experiencing: "I am feeling home"
  • Recharged and with a renewed perspective on your life
  • A transformation on a deeper level that helps you create a shift in how you experiences things, so that you can  create more ease, purpose and flow by honoring the things you really find important in your life.

Give yourself that gift, because you deserve it


This special session is 90 minutes and is 150,- ex BTW


I am Eva Visser Plaza and I guide, ambitious, intuitive, sensitive, international and highly educated momployees and mompreneurs like you that wish to create a life and career that really nourishes and has purpose.
I have worked in different industries and roles for over 15 years and I've successfully built my holistic coaching practice in the last 5 years. Where I combine east en west approaches and philosophies, the body with the mind to help my clients create an aligned creative life with ease, purpose and flow. 

I offer a facilitating eye, ear, hand and heart. You can read more about me here.


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