On this page you find 1-1 body-mind-soul integrated coaching experiences bespoke for
women who want to develop their leadership potential to create a wholehearted life and career.

What is female leadership for me?
I believe that we have to transform leadership in women. I see that many women have embraced a male way of leadership and it is time to embrace both the male and female qualities to create harmony and wholeness. I believe that when we develop harmony in both energies, we create purpose, ease and flow.

When I define male or female, I do not talk about gender. I talk about energy. Male energy qualities are: being productive, focussed, result & goal orientated, trusting factual knowledge and being in performance modus. Female energy qualities are intuition, connection, setting the right priorities, sustainability, collaboration and flow.

The women I work with, work in leadership positions, have a thriving business and are working on a professional level. I believe it is not the leadership position at work which defines if you are a leader. Leadership is a decision to become conscious and curious about yourself and this helps to create your life.

The work I do suits best for women who are familiar with coaching or therapy and value bringing consciousness, reflection and curiosity into their lives


3 Month Holistic Coaching Journeys for long term focus

Authentic Career Path Journey

The focus of this holistic coaching experience is to embrace the male and female energy qualities at work and designed to gain clarity, purpose and ease in your career path.

Authentic Burn-out Recovery Journey

Especially designed for women who landed in burn-out or face chronic stress and want to recover and create a long term personal balance.

Authentic Female Leadership journey

Especially designed to balance the male and female qualities to fulfill the authentic leadership potential in women for balance, purpose and joy.

Authentic Soul Healing Journey

Especially designed for women who live in their heads and long to get in touch with their body and soul to re-connect with their authentic self and feel grounded and centered.


One moment holistic coaching experiences for short term focus

Authentic Talent Compass

This is a one moment coaching experience to become aware of talents and drivers and utilize the full potential on a short term.

Authentic Clarity Compass

This is a one moment coaching experience where we focus on one life or career related challenge.

Authentic Stress Compass

This is a one moment coaching experience to assess the stress levels and learn tools to manage stress and create a short term personal balance.

Authentic Soul Compass

The focus is to re-connect with your soul and authentic self to experience freedom, compassion and joy in your life.