Honoring Your Motherhood: Unhook from Your Busyness

Are a mother of young children and feel overwhelmed once in a while? Or you just had a baby and you feel very disconnected from yourself and you would like to connect with yourself again after this huge transformative experience in your life? Or you feel emotional, lost or overwhelmed and you have the feeling you cannot cope with everything and you need a moment to ground and recharge yourself?

I have designed a special inner silence-unhooking from your busyness holistic bodywork session to help you unhook from your "to do list", the care of your child(ren), household, partner, friends and work. To get back to yourself and remember your inner natural female power.


Because I want to honor all women that just became mothers, or are mothers for a longer time. Because as mothers we naturally sacrifice ourselves and I believe it is important to once in a while claim recharge moments to be able to give again. This to encourage vitality and self-care for mothers.

I see too much mothers pushing themselves to the limit, juggling all the balls in the air until they are exhausted. We need to allow ourselves to nurture ourselves so that we can balance more our lives in a natural way.  We need to set boundaries to keep connected with our needs and wishes to take care of ourselves first. This session will help you get started with that.


  • Experience a deep relaxation in your body and mind
  • Feel more present in the here and now: a sense of "I am back"
  • Feel grounded and more connected with yourself on a deeper layer: experiencing: "I am feeling home"
  • Recharged and ready to get back to your life with your different roles and "to-do list"
  • A transformation on a deeper level that helps you create a shift in how you experiences things, so that you can put yourself on the first place.

Give yourself that gift, because you deserve it


This session is 90 minutes and is 150,- ex. BTW
This session can be used as a gift from a friend, husband or partner for busy mothers.



Eva’s unhook from busyness session did exactly that. It was a wonderful and much needed pause on motherhood and life. Eva gave me the space to listen to and understand my body’s own - much neglected - messages. She enabled me to release, awaken, and reconnect. I left feeling grounded, connected to nature, and open to give and to receive. This was the ‘reset’ I was hoping for. I unexpectedly also came away with clarity of mind and a greater awareness of my surroundings. On the journey home even my hearing and visual senses felt enhanced. Mindfulness is in a much easier reach now. Thank you, Eva.

Natalie Carstens, Business owner of Birth Photographer

I received the BEST gift this last Mother's Day (other then my 2 kiddos of course!) with a full body massage from the wonderful Eva to help unhook from busyness! My time with Eva was very relaxing and comfortable. Eva was gentle but firm and I was surprised to feel some tenderness and pain in areas I hadn't realized before! I hadn't given too much thought or attention to the details Eva included in her information on how I could look forward to feeling afterwards, but when I checked in with myself sitting in the car I had a feeling of "being home again" within my body, a release of stress I had been holding on to and felt more grounded. I could breathe easier and slept deeper that evening! And when I looked back over the information, these were the EXACT things Eva had said I would feel! She was amazing and spot on! Even a week after I could feel the lovely effects! I highly recommend Eva for Rebalancing and body work!

Melody Rea, owner of Melody Rae Photography

Today I had my first acquaintance with the unhook from Busyness bodywork session method. My first reaction: "What a powerful method to look at what’s really going on in my life at this moment". The body doesn’t lie. Exactly those places you don’t want to go in your conversations, the body indicates without hesitation. Pure and simple. No endless talking, no need to build a story around it, just feeling the emotions as they present themselves. To go into this process in a safe space has a healing effect. You can leave this up to Eva. She has a no-nonsense approach and works with a lot of dedication and loving care.

Mirjam Boogaart, owner of Expat Life

 I took a leap and invested in myself by scheduling in an unhook from busyness bodywork  session with Eva. I honestly did not even know exactly what it was, but I knew it was a means to find more balance between the body and the mind. This balance is something I have been struggling with since I experienced at an early age the dark side of a society that disrespects girls and women’s bodies.

After a chat about my situation, we then moved on to the body work. What happened then was more than a massage. It was a powerful combination of massage work and coaching. It opened up channels of awareness about the “voice” of my body.

Because of this session, because of Eva, I was able to release that core joyful spirit of myself, embrace it, and embody it fearlessly again. Eva has an invaluable, priceless gift that she holds literally in her hands and in her heart.                                                                   

Sara Bobkoff,  owner of Little Bigmouth

I visited Eva just at the right moment. I felt stressed and needed to get in touch with myself again. By touching different parts and asking questions she helped me to rediscover old patterns and parts which I had been neglecting for a while. After the session I was more in balance and knew that I had to stay more truthful to myself again. A great way to reset and get back on track! 

Natasja Gootjes, HR Manager at Concorde

During an unhook from busyness bodywork session, I reconnected with my body for the first time after the stress of last year. I did not realize how much tension and heaviness I have with my left side (where I had my lumpectomy) and the feelings of betrayal surfaced. I am still processing all the thoughts and emotions but I am so grateful for what the session has given to me. So for those mommies who are undergoing some heaviness i would recommend these sessions that Eva gives.           

Lana Jelenjev, Consultant and facilitator


     I am Eva and I guide women and men to create a soul-centered life and career. I do that through Rebalancing Bodywork Therapy, Soul-centered Career Coaching and Stress and Burn-out Recovery and Prevention Coaching

    I believe that it is time for women to embody their natural wisdom in their life and career by overcoming fears and devaluation that go back for generations. It is time to allow yourself to become visible and authentic. Are you ready?

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